Middle School Student Can Draw a World Map From Memory

They say he can, but I question the angle of the dangle he gave Florida.

Still, this is an impressive feat.


A Hanover middle school student is showing off his unique skill of mapping from memory.

Brooks Tunstall, who is in eighth grade at Oak Knoll, can draw a fairly accurate map of the world from memory in just 15 minutes. We’re talking all 195 countries without looking at another map for help!

“The first time I drew a map where I was like, I think I know this and then I just put it on paper,” said 8th grader, Brooks Tunstall. “Did you shock your own-self? A little bit but I don’t think I was really that surprised but I was kind of impressed at myself.”


ht/ PHenry

11 Comments on Middle School Student Can Draw a World Map From Memory

  1. the Finns are certainly going to be peeved that he drew them as “‘Mr. Happy’ taking the twins out for a walk”

  2. Hey. It’s not my fault that Fur and MJA don’t read each other’s posts. I sent it to both.

    I still think it’s wicked cool and Christopher Columbus wishes he had this kid’s map.


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