Middle school student can draw world map from memory

HANOVER, Va. (WWBT) – A Hanover middle school student is showing off his unique skill of mapping from memory.

Brooks Tunstall, who is in eighth grade at Oak Knoll, can draw a fairly accurate map of the world from memory in just 15 minutes. We’re talking all 195 countries without looking at another map for help!

“The first time I drew a map where I was like, I think I know this and then I just put it on paper,” said 8th grader, Brooks Tunstall. “Did you shock your own-self? A little bit but I don’t think I was really that surprised but I was kind of impressed at myself.” MORE

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18 Comments on Middle school student can draw world map from memory

  1. My brother had the ability to look at any object and draw it from memory. He could draw a building in scale to the last brick. It was truly a gift from God.

    It’s impressive what this kid can do but we all had to learn every country in the world in Grade school Geography as well as each capitol city. Same with the US map. Must be an unusual thing these days.

  2. Big deal! When I was his age I could make a Turkey using just my hand, a piece of paper and some crayons.

  3. My girls did that in approximately 5th grade. No problem. But then again we homeschooled them so they were FAR ahead of the curve.


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