Migrants bringing diphtheria, malaria back into Denmark

Diptheria  keep out

ChristianActionNetwork:  Danish authorities have warned hospitals over possible outbreak of infectious diseases as several cases of diphtheria, tuberculosis and malaria carried by the refugees have already been registered.

“The infection can be very dangerous if one isn’t vaccinated against it. The dangerous type is very rare and we last saw it in Denmark in 1998,”  more here

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  1. So don’t U.S. citizens traveling out of the country have to get vaccinations and TB tests and such? Why don’t the invaders have to have them and be tested, etc., before they come here? (I know this is supposed to be for our own protection, but still…)

  2. Socialism is all about being “fair”.

    It’s only “fair” that we (commoners that is)expose our kids to the same diseases third world kids get exposed to.

    It’s only “fair” that we expose our women (and some unlucky goats) to being gang raped like the women and goats in muslime countries.

    It’s only “fair” that Iran has nukes since we do.

    It’s only “fair” that we share Hellfire missile tech with Cuba and ICBM tech with Red China.

    I doubt the socialists will think my assessment is “fair” but I’m “fairly certain” they can kiss my butt.

  3. The worst is probably XDR tuberculosis (eXtensively Drug Resistant).

    I am amazed every day there aren’t a bunch of news stories about hundreds of missing European politicians, CEOs, and aristocrats.

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