Migrants in U.S. Send $19B in Mostly Untaxed Remittances to China

Breitbart: Migrants in the United States sent about $103 billion in mostly untaxed remittances to six foreign countries last year — including about $19 billion to China.

A World Bank report, detailed by the Wall Street Journal, reveals the extent to which foreign nationals living in the U.S. drain mostly untaxed money from the nation’s economy to send to relatives overseas.

In 2019, migrants sent close to $40 billion to Mexico and nearly $20 billion to China. Only one state in the U.S., Oklahoma, taxes remittances. Last year, the state raked in more than $13 million from its one percent remittance tax.

Migrants in the U.S. also sent about $14 billion to India, another $14 billion to the Philippines, $10 billion to Guatemala, and $9 billion to Vietnam — almost all of which is untaxed. read more

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  1. This is probably because they are living off welfare, food stamps and working under the table. If I am supporting these illegals via my taxes, I want to keep one or two in my shed and make them earn their keep (mowing yard, repairs, cleaning).

  2. I will never understand why we tolerate this! Our politicians are the most DEVIOUS, TRAITOROUS BASTARDS on the planet!

  3. Do Obama and Killary get kick backs? Somebody is making money or it would be allowed to happen.

  4. All these CUNTS get to do this year after year with ZERO consequences… I am NEVER paying taxes again.

  5. Millions in cash flowing out along with every possible scrap of intelligence they can get their grubby hands on.

  6. Carlos Slim, owner of The NYT, made his fortune taking a piece out of remittances. Try and tell me that the 100s of millions he’s getting isn’t getting spread around to the scum in Congress.

    Further every dollar remitted by illegal aliens is a dollar ejected from the local economy, never to recirculate or be reinvested—it goes directly to Russia, or more likely Mexico, China, and Guatemala. This reduces the velocity of money, and causes liquidity problems, particularly in small towns.

    So these fucking illegals(and legals) take cash, cost locals work, undercut legitimate contractors, suck the money out of communities, avoid taxes, live on subsidies that we pay for(yah, double whammy)increase the cost of K-12 without putting anything into the pot and prop up the economies of our enemies.

    Don’t get me going on the costs to our open spaces, infrastructure, hospitals and prisons. ALL compliments of you and me.

    These remittances are the largest source of revenue for Mexico. And it’s coming out of all of our pockets. You think that $300 you saved on a drywall job is the end of it? Wake the fuck up.

    Of course it’s not going to do any good with the scum we have in Congress. Fuck, they want OPEN BORDERS. Imagine that.

  7. One most excellent part of living in rural AR is that there just isn’t a whole lot of diversity. In fact, there’s pretty much none. Consequently, work that I’m having done like bringing some big power to my shop, is being done by locals.

    They’ll take what I pay them, put the money in a local bank and spend it locally.

  8. Change the remittance rules. Charge a 10% government tax on the value. Then require the sender to produce two pieces of valid ID, one with a face pic in order to send the money. Set up a file of the senders so that every remittance sent from then on will record the value, the date and the individual and location the money is being sent to. Then create programs that spit out the senders who have three or more different receivers and determine whether they are “strawmen” and prosecute them.

  9. scr

    Look we know what to do. So do the scum in DC. I would fall over dead if I ever saw legislation like you’re proposing even being offered. It ain’t gonna happen. Too much money. Too many palms getting greased.

    They’re pretty all fucking sell outs. For money. For a cushy life style. They’re shitting on us and they couldn’t care less.

    It’s a hard truth to choke down but there might come a time when facts like that will play into your deciding something serious.

  10. Tax the wire transfers. If the majority of our country’s actual citizens were wiring money around the globe there would already be a law and a tax.

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