Mika Suggests Trump is Benefitting Financially By Promoting Hydroxychloroquine

What an idiot.


In perhaps the most explosive accusation yet against President Trump made by a liberal media member regarding the coronavirus, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski has accused the president of having a “financial tie” to someone that leads to him to promote the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat the virus.

Brzezinski’s accusation is tantamount to an allegation that President Trump is on the take.



19 Comments on Mika Suggests Trump is Benefitting Financially By Promoting Hydroxychloroquine

  1. I knew it. The hotels are just a front for Trump’s pushers to sell the stuff. Damn blonde genius cracked the code.

  2. Oh look, it’s squinty and the meat puppet. One can’t help but wonder what the overused Ho knows about the deceased intern found in her hubby’s office.

  3. Fur, could you do us a favor? Can you take that swearing parrot (that was posted here a day or so ago) and splice in MSDNC (instead of the stomped on bird cage)? Never thought I’d want a parrot to speak for me, but these are strange times.

  4. Mika, you big dummy. Honestly. ‘Benefitting Financially’ is stuff like selling Top secret technology to China, selling our uranium to Russia, selling access to American businesses if they make hundred million dollar donations to the Secretary of State’s family Foundation, keeping money donated for Disaster Relief, appointing your brother with no experience to a lucrative mining position in a foreign country, killing those who know too much, blackmailing, bribing. You know, stuff like that.

  5. MIKA, Don’t forget the money he makes on these products too:

    Official Trump Brand Caskets
    He secretly owns 3M
    He owns free range Bat Farms in CHYNA
    He is trying to buy the Colosseum in Italy to bring back the Gladiators.
    He planned this all when Obama insulted him at that White House press dinner.
    He secretly gave Biden & Pelosi dementia just to sell more medication too.

    Get real, the real sicko is the asshole you sit beside every day at work and sleep with at nite!

  6. Yea, well, Jesus had a special connection to The Man; hence his wonderful abilities to make the dead rise.

  7. Apparently she was asleep when Obola and Jarrett made $millions off the swine flu.
    Or maybe she remembers it but wasn’t inclined to “report” on it? Obola held off “doing anything” until the proper “investments” were made – Obola (reportedly) turned a $5,000 “investment” into $5,000,000 (which is chump change to President Trump). But the media missed that? Now she accuses President Trump of doing what Obola did? Sounds familiar.

    Our country needs a purgative.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Just out of nowhere, she accuses Trump of profiting off of the Corona19 flu.

    She provides no evidence, just hot air. The best she has is “follow the money”.

    OK, follow the money on your own, stupid twit. Report back.

  9. Mika: We have just now learned that Trump has set up a corporation to buy hundreds of crematoria across the country. And not only existing ones, either. He has partnered with Monsanto to start construction on a giant crematoria in NYC, capable of cremating 3000 bodies per day. We checked and found out that the average profit from cremating a body in NYC is $800. That’s a daily profit of $2,400,000 going into his pockets. And that is just New York City. Mr. Trump is going to make trillions from the Coronavirus pandemic.

    Joe, how should the American people respond to this kind of sky-high profit making off the misery of falling sick and dying from Covid19?

    Joe (face bright red from anger): I am personally going to beat Mr. Trump to a pulp.

  10. I confess to starting to watch Mourning Joe at four o’clock this morning. They had a list ( two or three ) of Trump’s cabinet members who had shares in some of the drug companies that produce this unproven, dangerous medicine. They also pointed out that Trump’s wealthy friends who congregate around him at Mar-a-Lago had pushed this product on him for their financial benefit. I fell back asleep before they listed those thieving plutocrats. I know it probably won’t happen, but I’d love for one of those people they listed to sue these two “commentators” for everything they own. Better yet, I hope they end up needing this medicine.


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