Mika thinks everyone should bow out for Biden

Diogenes’ Middle Finger:

Squinty & Meat Puppet: “Every Democrat But Joe Biden is Wasting Our Time.”

During a recent MSNBC Morning Joe, Meat Puppet Mika implied that any of the other 21 2223 Democrats besides current front-runner Joe Biden were just wasting their time. “You have one Democrat with such a resounding lead in the polls, and then so many others trying to get air time.” Of course we all know Mika is not very bright. But in this case, she may have had a rare episode of lucidity.

I have my own doubts Biden would make it through the campaign and debates with DJT without popping a tube. Age has caught up with him.  This is not the same guy who left office 18 months ago.  He hasn’t spoken seriously on one issue yet, all he is is bluster, and neither the energy nor the ambition to be president.   MORE

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  1. Plus, how would he ever get past the question that he’s already been in office for at least 40 years and done NOTHING but make himself and his family rich, so why should anyone believe he would do something worthwhile for his country at this stage?

    And also, his “collusion” with the Chinese govt. to sell out his own country.

  2. If they have Biden already chosen (ala Killary), then it’s just as a place-holder for the person they really want. That person will be his running mate and Biden would resign for ‘health’ reasons soon after inauguration.

    Johnny, I thought the same thing! ‘Thinks’ 😀

  3. Maybe the Dems are getting ready for years of losing elections because “it was his turn” to be their candidate for President, the same philosophy that brought us so many years of lacklustre Republican candidates.

  4. …I’m OK with this, although a Biden/Trump debate is a bit like letting a chihuahua run in the Triple Crown alongside a Thoroughbred…

    …I do share Claudia’s suspicions that he’s just a place-holder, though. Unka Joe is just the magician’s hand for all the debate prep and such, but when “Michelle” “Obama” comes into the convention (‘she’ will say, against ‘her’ will because the people BEGGED ‘her’ to step in and save the world from the Bad Orange Man), then the dynamic changes COMPLETELY because the media will see to it that none DARE contradict a “Black”, a “Woman”, an “Obama”, or a “Trans” (depends on the audience), without being THOROUGHLY pilloried as a rayyciss, sexist, rapist, homophobic transphobe who probably hates puppies and kittens and wants everyone foreign-looking to die, while ensuring that “Michelle” never ACTUALLY has to answer any questions or such while all the while asking President Trump “When did you stop beating your wife” type questions…

    …Neither side actually EXPECTS a Joe Presidency.

    When someone jumps out in FRONT of me, and from 30 feet away starts waving a knife around, I ALWAYS wonder who’s BEHIND me that he’s trying to distract me from…

  5. Like the hens on The View and Mika Can I Buy A Vowel, I, like most Republicans, also prefer Creepy Joe to Trump and would enjoy being raped by him and to not abort his asshole baby.


  6. I wonder if the Joe, aka, Mr. Mika Brzezinski still has the pesky problem of interns dying at their office desks???

  7. I’m thoroughly enjoying the clown car antics. I do think Biden will wind up with the nomination, but the entertainment factor along the way is enjoyable.

  8. Correction needed: “Thinks” needs to be in quotes, a very loose application of the word.


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