Mike Pence To Biden: ‘Square up’ and debate

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Mike Pence on how Biden can dispel public unease about cognitive decline: ‘Square up’ and debate.

Vice President Mike Pence has a challenge and some advice for the man trying to replace President Trump. With talk swirling around about Joe Biden’s decline in cognitive function, Pence has a way for him to clear the whole matter up. 

“I can’t speak to some of what’s being discussed about him today, but the antidote is to be on that stage, to square up and be willing to debate President Donald Trump,” Pence said in a sit-down interview Thursday in Largo, Fla. “The American people deserve nothing less.” read more

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  1. You can goad him all you want, but his handlers will keep him on a short leash. They will stick to the 3 debates, and the first one will not be until after many people get their mail-in ballots. Joe will be kept in the shadows until they can’t keep him there any longer, and they hope that by then it will be too late.

  2. You have to put it in terms Biden can understand. Tell him it’s time to stack the spaghetti sauce.

  3. Debates! Come on, man! Dementia Joe doesn’t need no debacles to win this damned, stinkin’ election. What’s the frequency, Ken? You damned, lying Pony Shoulder. Stop trying to get Poor Joey off his teleprompter. Wild geese are honking for Obiden Bama right now! You know the rest of…..you…..you know the thing! Want to go outside and do push-ups or swim naked? Wait until Beto grabs your AR 14 1/2 man! He’s looking for a smart, attractive, story book, articulated Black Colored Woman who wants to play third fiddle in the band as it plays “Nearer my God to Me” whilst rearranging the deck chairs on the good ship Dementiacrat.

    These are just a few of the examples why Dementia Joe’s handlers will never let him near a debate stage.

  4. There’s been some suspicion of Pence on CTH regarding leaks etc.
    Beneath that bland exterior may be a backstabbing deep state covert operator. Look at some of the people he recommended for cabinet positions. He bears watching!

  5. Rumors are flying that Biden is about to announce his pick. Last chance for a “Who’s It Gonna Be?” thread! Winner gets to dance on the loser’s graves! (⚰ ⬅ coffin)

  6. It’s Kalamity Harris! Dementia must be contagious. She’s a miserable termagant, and turned off more Dementiacrat voters than anyone except Spartatookitupthebackside.

  7. Pence was on Lou Dobbs yesterday and during the conversation he stated: the “murder of George Floyd” The police thank you for all your support Pence!


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