Mike Rowe Absolutely Destroys Guy Who Accuses Him Of Being A White Nationalist


“Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe had some choice words Tuesday night in response to a question he got accusing him of harboring “white nationalist” sympathies.

Rowe posted a question submitted to him on his Facebook page that accused the TV host’s advocacy for the skilled trades of amounting to anti-intellectualism, and therefore racism.

A man named Chuck Adkins asked, “One of the tenants of white nationalism is that college educated people are academic elitests. Comment? No? I’m not surprised. You never take a political stand because you don’t want to alienate anybody. Its bad for business. I get it. But there is a current of anti intellectualism in this country – promoted by Republicans. Those people love you, and they think your initiative is their initiative. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is kickin our ass academically.”

Rowe, a popular jovial TV personality, went off in a long, brutal response.

“Since we’re being candid, allow me to say how much I dislike your post. Everything about it annoys me – your smug and snarky tone, your appalling grammar, your complete lack of evidence to support your claims, and of course, the overarching logical fallacy that informs your entire position,” Rowe wrote. “What really bugs me though, is the fact that you’re not entirely wrong. It’s true; I haven’t shared any political opinions this week, in part anyway, because doing so might very well be ‘bad for business.’”

“What can I say? I work for half-a-dozen different companies, none of whom pay me to share my political opinions. I run a non-partisan foundation, I’m about to launch a new show on Facebook, and I’m very aware that celebrities pay a price for opening their big fat gobs. Gilbert Gottfried, Kathy Griffin, Colin Kaepernick, Milo Yiannopoulos…even that guy from Google who just got himself fired for mouthing off. There’s no getting around it – the first amendment does not guarantee the freedom to speak without consequences. And really, that’s fine by me,” he continued.

“So no – I’m not going to share my personal feelings about Charlottesville, President Trump, or the current effort to remove thousands of statues of long dead soldiers from the public square. Not just because it’s ‘bad for business,’ but because it’s annoying. I can’t think of a single celebrity whose political opinion I value, and I’m not going to assume the country feels any differently about mine,” Rowe wrote. “So, rather than blow myself up, or chime in with all the obvious observations about the cowardly scum in the pointy hats, I’m going to talk instead about my belief that comments like yours pose a far greater threat to the future of our country than the existence of a memorial to Thomas Jefferson, or a monument to George Washington. Ready?”

Then Rowe started in on Adkins’ insinuations.

“You say that White Nationalists believe that everyone who goes to college is an ‘academic elite.’ You then say that Republicans promote ‘anti-intellectualism.’ You offer no proof to support either claim, but it really doesn’t matter – your statements successfully connect two radically different organizations by alleging a shared belief,” Rowe said. “Thus, White Nationalists and The Republican Party suddenly have something in common – a contempt for higher education. Then, you make it personal. You say that Republicans “love” me because they believe that my initiative and ‘their’ initiative are one and the same. But of course, ‘their’ initiative is now the same initiative as White Nationalists.”

He continued “Very clever. Without offering a shred of evidence, you’ve implied that Republicans who support mikeroweWORKS do so because they believe I share their disdain for all things ‘intellectual.’ And poof – just like that, Republicans, White Nationalists, and mikeroweWORKS are suddenly conflated, and the next thing you know, I’m off on a press tour to disavow rumors of my troubling association with the Nazis!”

“Far-fetched? Far from it,” Rowe continued. “That’s how logical fallacies work. A flaw in reasoning or a mistaken belief undermines the logic of a conclusion, often leading to real-world consequences. And right now, logical fallacies are not limited to the warped beliefs of morons with tiki torches, and other morons calling for ‘more dead cops.’ Logical fallacies are everywhere.”

Not near done, Rowe wrote, “As I type this, a Democrat on CNN is making an argument that says, ‘because Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, those Republicans now opposed to tearing down his memorial are ‘pro-slavery,’ and therefore aligned with the modern day KKK.’ That’s a logical fallacy.

“Over on Fox, a Republican is arguing that ‘any Democrat who has not yet condemned the Senator from Missouri for publicly wishing that Donald Trump be assassinated, is guilty of wishing for the exact same thing.’ That’s a logical fallacy.

“Yesterday, on The Science Channel, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, a noted astronomer, tweeted that the ability of scientists to accurately predict the solar eclipse, was proof that predictions of global warming were also accurate. That’s a logical fallacy.”

Then Rowe turned the tables on his accuser, continuing, “Want to hear another one? Imagine something like this, unfolding over on MSNBC.


17 Comments on Mike Rowe Absolutely Destroys Guy Who Accuses Him Of Being A White Nationalist

  1. That was simply a spectacular take down.
    Nothing is more satisfying than making a liberal eat his last meal from a bowl made from his own kneecaps.

    Well done Mr Rowe.

  2. “Skilled Trades = Anti-Intellectualism = Racism”

    What kind of a fucking moron says that. Skilled Trades = a way to make a living; so you don’t have to be a fucking slave to the state, you stupid fucking cunts.

  3. Chuck Sounds Like a Recent College Graduate ,Who’se Been Told He Is Now An Elite Being . Those Elite Aging Hippies Whos’e Minds Chuck Worships, Are Failed People Who’se Ideas Didn’t Work in The Real World and Are Now Professors … Good Luck Commie Chuck !!!

  4. I would be interested in learning more about Mr Rowe’s education and background. It sounds like somewhere in there he took a class in logic and took debate…..and won…..often. I bow before his magnificence and humility.

  5. I’ve had a crush on Mike Rowe for years, he is very alpha male, not afraid to work for a living, and a FOX.

    I’m thinking Chuckie isn’t even a beta, probably still looking for his testes.

  6. Well, well, well… That was a fantastic dismantling of the common mindset we see so many people struggle with nowadays. No one seems to care if they offend or lie about or hurt another person, so long as THEY’RE not offended, or lied about, or hurt. It’s disgusting.

  7. The problem with the Chuck’s of the world is they hate people who physically work for a living. Then, the pussy has to call an electrician when a lightbulb burns out because he can’t fix shit. He is dependent on others to make his life more comfortable.

  8. Rectum? He killed him!!!!!! Bwahahahahaha!

    You ought to see the faces at work when I tell them I’ve swapped out two shitters and installed two new vanity/sink sets.

    I’m debating on removing a glass shower and installing an asian walk in shower. Living in a cement/tiled house is oh so fun to modify!

  9. Funny! Mike is a very articulate and clear thinking guy.
    Best line” “…because it’s annoying.”

  10. We’ve spent a lifetime respecting the civil rights of minorities and bent over backwards with special set-asides, programs and incentives. Nowhere else on this planet gives people opportunities like what you will find here, yet instead of being appreciated and thanked for our efforts we’re getting slapped and kicked in the ass for it! Keep calling the hard-working, God-fearing, Over-taxed payer white nationalists, Nazis and Klansmen enough times and that’s exactly what you might wind up with, which is quite frankly, exactly the goal of of these Communists who only seek to divide and conquer the United States.

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