Mike Rowe on Mass Shootings

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  1. I can’t believe that Mike Rowe didn’t say one word about those vicious, murdering AR-15 assault weapons.

    C’mon, Mike – it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

    /sarc off/

  2. Mike Rowe exudes “Common Sense.” Unfortunately it isn’t the common sense which Liberals pontificate, so frequently.

  3. Mike’s unwritten conclusion is that good pulls up its socks and soldiers on. There’s no other choice to make until that trumpet sounds. Dirty jobs, as it turns out, are also unsung.

  4. I’m always impressed by Mike Rowe’s logic. One of the few in the entertainment business whose opinion I value.

  5. I can’t believe that Mike, who I love, didn’t mentioned the LEO’s who did not enter the building.
    I am not a hero, but by God I would have gone in there, gun drawn, out of sheer curiosity. It’s my nature.

  6. Moe Tom, I think he composed and posted this before it was general knowledge of how the local cops failed. Or any of the LE failures. Like all of them.

  7. And from baltimore and that grounded, my mom sang in barber quartet competitions against him said he was the same before and after fame

  8. Common sense works every time it’s tried. Thanks Mike.

    And massive government cowardice fails every time it’s tried.

    Tomorrow a child that I knew since infancy goes back to that school to collect his belongings and try to reorient
    Thanks cowards. Enjoy your cushy pensions, cunt cops. Fuck you. Totally fuck
    You coward shit stains.

    Sorry. I’m over the top pissed about pussy Leo’s who I ordinarily support unquestionably

  9. “…goodness also walks among us…”

    To my ear, that’s as quotable as anything penned by Shakespeare or Aristotle. I think I’ll keep that along side a phrase I once heard Prager say, “Doing good is more important than doing well.”


    * Train every teacher who wants a CCW for free.
    * Purchase those guns for them, free.
    * Purchase the ammo for them, free.
    * Buy all those hand guns of the same brand and caliber.
    * Teach them to breakdown the gun, clean it, and reassemble.
    * Keep the gun’s locked up in a safe in the school office after school each day.
    * Have selected CCW teachers check in each morning to pick up their gun.
    They can return it to the safe before they leave for home each day.
    * All of their practice at the range should be free. Ammo included.
    * All teachers who participate should receive annual merit pay.
    * Once a year test those teachers for competency on the range and on shooting safety knowledge.
    * Reward them financially for passing both tests.

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