Mike Rowe on the College Entrance Scandal

PHenry sent this in, writing, “education and the ridiculous debt it incurs is so astronomically out of control that big education is virtually a criminal enterprise, belching halfwits onto the pavement, clueless slug-like invertebrates that can’t be of any value to any employer.”

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  1. Obama’s “stimulus” threw gasoline on the dumpster fire that is higher ed. This was combined with the imposition of SJW led diversity course requirements and student services, using federal funding, accreditation systems and professional organizations.

    Critical Theory/Intersectionality has invaded nearly every academic subject. Colleges of Education have been spewing out hundreds of thousands of PhD’s, many obtained in less than 3 years and often with dissertations that are no more than a term paper or even a diary. By their sheer numbers, they eventually find employment in academia, often in unrelated subjects.

    For over 30 years, hiring of faculty has seen conservative and churchgoing candidates openly barred in selection committees. Those who have made it past the gauntlet are constantly under threat of expulsion.

    Hiring of administrative staff has been taken over by ardent feminists and LGBQ+. Many institutions require staff to undergo “training” in which they must sign statements in support of LGBTQ+ or face possible termination or lose out on any chance for advancement.

    There is a trend in higher ed to purge older, experienced staff and faculty and replace them with the newly indoctrinated graduates, who have no practical experience — but they have their preferred pronouns on their business cards.

    Most students just try to get through the system and get their diploma. They could care less about Social Justice, though when that is the only perspective allowed on campus, and all they see on social media and in popular entertainment, it has a significant effect.

    The greatest irony is that the same liberal business leaders who donate billions to liberal colleges and universities are pushing to increase the number of H1b visas so they can hire Chinese and Indian graduates, who did not have to take diversity or even general ed courses. They also fund foreign students in graduate schools, again coming in with degrees from the equivalent of trade schools (nothing wrong with a trade school education, as long as it is acknowledged as such).

  2. That and the preposterous pretense the that the students are paying the tuition when Mom & Dad are actually footing the bill. What I am referring to is the legal set up that has been put in place that when the parents are paying for college, they have no rights at all because the law says the student is paying and is solely responsible. Paying parents can’t question anything! Pretty slick, uh?

  3. As I’ve written till you’re sick of it: What about the “Harvard Kennedy School?”

    Endowed by old Joe to get his boys’ their Law degrees?

    Why is that OK but not this? BULLSHIT! And don’t get me wrong, I don’t GAF about these Hollyweird Maggots and their idiot rat-children.

    A wink’s better than a handshake? Sorry, I don’t get it.
    “Higher” Education has been a scam since (at least) the 1800s.

    “What we become depends on what we read after all of the professors have finished with us. The greatest university of all is a collection of books.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. My son with his so called vocational consolation prize as a fiber optics installer and foreman will make far more money in his lifetime than most college graduates ever will. And besides that he’s happy, with 2 daughters and my daughter in law is a broker, they will do well. He learned everything on the job, was dyslexic but getting better and understands how things work something that a lot of college graduates can’t do or hire someone like my son to do it for them. He takes after his grandfather who was a master mechanic and a good small businessman. He’s also a very good artist if he puts his mind and talents to it. He is a very spatially oriented person who understands how things work and are put together.

  5. Obama built this.

    — Obama passed Common Core as the education standard.
    — The universities complained that Common Core will create less qualified students and universities would suffer from less enrollment.
    — Obama federalized college tuition, no strings attached.
    — The universities saw free money and raised tuition.
    — At the same time, the universities lowered thier entrance requirements and added more useless classes for low IQ students.

  6. if that Ocasio broad ever had an Original Idea and a cold drink of water at the same time, it would kill her dead.


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