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Mikulski to announce retirement

Baltimore Sun: Senator Barbara A. Mikulski will announce her retirement this morning in Baltimore, according to multiple sources.

Mikulski, 78, is a Highlandtown native and Maryland’s senior senator. She’s served in the Senate since 1987 and is up for re-election next year. more

15 Comments on Mikulski to announce retirement

  1. Another corrupt pol escapes the noose and justice.

    MD and America have suffered enough from this evil corrupt socialist pervert.

  2. Hmmm, she sort of looks like the kind, little old lady who was living in that Gingerbread House over by I-95 until the Woodsman Sate Police dug up het backyard after that stove fire.

  3. Good riddance. Sorry the queen of the Bulldykes made it this far, but that’s Bawlimer for you.

  4. Hip, hip, horay, Souplips is reitring. After fucking us all down the pike of ridiculous spending debt for four decades, she calls it quits.

  5. “important announcement about her future plans.”

    Any word on her past plans? What a monumentally stupid thing to write.

    Mikulski is a pustule on the diseased anus of America.

  6. @Boobie the Rocket Dog – Thank you! I so seldom see/hear that city’s name pronounced correctly – or at least correctly according to natives. Bawlimer is one of the very, very few 2.5-syllable words in the English language.

    It is funny to hear some Bawlimerruns overcompensate and say “Ball. Tee. More.”

    (I was born in Annapolis and spent more years than I care to remember in Anne Arundel, Montgomery, Prince Georges, and Caroline counties before bailing permanently in 1995.)

  7. Good riddance. She will be replaced by the idiot governor of Missouri. The “Show Me State” has shown us.

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