Militant jailed in Germany for horrendous photoshoot of beheadings – IOTW Report

Militant jailed in Germany for horrendous photoshoot of beheadings

RT: A German of Iranian origin who traveled to Syria to join a jihadist group was sentenced to two years in prison for appearing in a set of images with severed heads of Syrian army servicemen. The case marks the first Syria-related war crime verdict in Germany.
A regional court in Frankfurt has found Aria Ladjevardi, a 21-year-old German citizen, guilty of war crimes for treating two Syrian army soldiers “in a degrading and humiliating manner” in violation of international humanitarian law.
The unidentified militant group, to which Ladjevardi is said to have belonged, raided a Syrian army checkpoint between March 8 and April 16, 2014, in the town of Binnish located in the Idlib province. The militants captured and later executed two servicemen. In course of the slaughter they beheaded the victims and spiked their heads on metal rods put on public display, the court has stated in a statement Tuesday.

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  1. Good, after he has served his sentence, weld him inside a metal cylinder and deport his ass by shooting him out of a cannon

  2. Probably would have a higher sentence for reading the Bible out loud due to hate speech laws.

    His mom had them on her phone… but that’s not a problem? That’s my boy!
    The West is committing suicide.

  3. Two years, hey?
    Maybe the punishment should fit the crime.

    Ever seen one of those Swedish tree saws?

  4. Obviously, Americans need to fund an International Nobel ART prize so the gentleman can be appropriately rewarded.

  5. Two years?!? That’s so harsh! They’d better make sure his toilet doesn’t face Mecca, he gets a halal meal card and a top notch prayer rug, and a shelf for his provided Koran, or it will definitely be cruel and unusual punishment!

  6. “in violation of international humanitarian law.”

    Since when do quoranderthals follow the Laws of War and International Humanitarian Laws?

    I think the punishment should fit the crime. His head should be sawed off with a dull blade, and then stuck on a metal pole in a public place as a warning to others.

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