Military mutiny begins in Venezuela

It’s working.

American Thinker: The global effort to persuade the Venezuelan military to begin to revolt against their commanders – by phone calls, web postings, other means, is starting to kick in. The Venezuelan dictatorship said it put down its first revolt from a National Guard unit out in a really miserable slum of Caracas called Petare. Here’s the details of what went down –

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  1. Over almost two decades, beginning with Chavez, the Venezuelan people elected their way into this.

    I doubt they’ll be able to elect themselves out of it.

    There future probably consists of rule by military dictatorship, their former relative prosperity, prior to Chavez, becoming a more and more distant memory till it is all but forgotten except among historians and the elderly.

  2. @Anonymous – good point. I read ‘Country Under My Skin’, by a woman who aided in the Sandinista rebellion in Nicaragua and was connected to the top people who then took power. She was filled with hope – and then realized that the new government was made of power-hungry people too.
    So she moved to the Peoples’ Republic of Santa Monica! I guess Perry has it right. Her husband was a coffee shop friend.

  3. The Central and South Americans have a rich history of electing corrupt dictators, a pattern repeated for decade after decade. Now thanks to the self destructive immigration policies adopted by our leaders we’re electing them here.

  4. ANON

    20 years ago I had 2 friends who were refugees from Hugo Chavez’s “mutiny”. They said Col Chavez led a very violent, bloody Coup d’erat. Our press said this slaughter was an “election”.

    When was the last time the American press told the truth?

    Think the last 7 days: 1. BuzzFeed – Moscow Tower; 2. ABC – Xenophobic Covington students.

    If you think Col. Chavez’s ruthless Coup was an election you put way too much faith in the far left American Press!

  5. Thankfully our left wing calls for the military to rise up against Trump are NOT being listened to. But then again, it only takes one fellow traveler willing to become a martyr…

  6. We used to have an agency that would take care of things like this and nobody would be the wiser. I miss those days.


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