Military told to avoid 37 U.S. cities for fear anti-police protests may turn violent

WT: The Army last week warned all military personnel in the United States to avoid 37 American cities this week over concerns that anti-police protests, dubbed “Days of Rage,” are planned and could turn violent.

The July 8 notice from the U.S. Army North said there is a potential for violence or criminal activities in the aftermath of the shootings of five Dallas police officers.

The Army notice appears based on an online rumor, since denied, that the anarchist hacker group Anonymous had called for nationwide protests Friday in the U.S. cities. reported Tuesday that the rumor calling for Days of Rage protests is false and is based on an identical false posting that circulated online and in emails in August 2014, related to the Ferguson, Missouri, protests against police.

A U.S. Army North spokesman, Lt. Col. Jason Shropshire, said the safety of soldiers and their families is a high priority. “For security reasons, we don’t discuss force-protection measures that we put into place at our Army installations or the specifics of cautionary advice we provide to our soldiers,” he said.  more

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  1. since our military is now made up of mostly women, homosexuals, immigrants and transgenders, any attack would immediately qualify for a hate crime right?

  2. Bring your “Days of Rage”. They will go down in history on the list of “Things that doomed Hillary2016”. You young fools won’t know you’ve gone a bridge too far until you’ve crossed it and burned it.

  3. Have to say that the BLM protest outside OPD today was a sad little collection of the ugly and the useless. The cops were really bored 🙂

    Took great pleasure in walking through the MSM frames sucking on my frappucino 🙂

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