Milley Confirms Woodward Book Reports on Undermining President Trump with Calls to China and Meeting on Nuclear Launch Orders

Pelosi has to answer some questions, too.

Gateway Pundit: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley released a statement through a spokesman that confirmed the reporting in the new book Peril by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa that stated Milley had two conversations with his counterpart in the Chinese military that undermined President Trump and also a meeting Milley had with military leaders to insert himself into the nuclear launch command to subvert Trump’s authority as commander-in-chief after the January 6 riot at the Capitol.

Milley’s statement confirms the phone calls to China, but does not provide the substance. His comments on the nuclear launch command meeting confirms most of the book but does not deny any of the reporting. Milley asserts everything he did was legal, by the books and was “within his authority in the lawful tradition of civilian control of the military and his oath to the Constitution.”

Statement released by Joint Staff spokesman Col. Dave Butler: more

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  1. I think them eyebrows are getting bigger every time that picture appears lol. It’s like Pinocchio’s nose. Best be careful, lest they turn into a big fur hat or something.

  2. ‘By the book’ is an Obamaism.

    Milley overstepped his authority and violated the highest duty of an officer more than once which is loyalty to command authority. He has no right to expect it from anyone under him now. That is why he must go.

  3. “Pelosi has to answer some questions, too.”

    “What’s your favorite ice cream?”

    There, we ASKED her a question, now shut up, I’m busy writing about how all Trump supporters should be banned from ever working because they are White Supremacist COVID superspreaders who kill gay Islamic snail darters or some such shit…

  4. He’s admitting to it because he knows he’ll be skating on this. In a just United States he’d be strung up by his thumbs but these days he’ll get another medal to add to that chest salad because… Trump.

  5. We’re so fucked. The USA as we grew up in it is already long gone. It’s just a bunch of lizard people running everything now.

  6. Worst that will happen to him is he resigns, gets his great pension and lands a job on MSNBC as a military analyst. Poor guy.

  7. In another timeline, people like this were convicted of treason and hanged. I’m sad, we aren’t in that timeline.

  8. The Democrats and their friends across the aisle the establishment Republicans are circling the wagons around this guy and it is being done to display to ordinary Americans that we have a two tiered system of justice in place and you had better mind your Ps and Qs.

  9. $64 QUESTIPON

    Name the Ronny hater that gave him his flag and first stars 20 years ago?

    NO hints should be needed!

  10. Gosh. Is he aware a whole president was impeached over the difference of opinion about a phonecall?

    Gosh. Is the entire Republican’t party aware a whole president was impeached over the difference of opinion about a phonecall?

    Could someone on our side DO SOMETHING?! For once.

    Can’t wait for release of the Durham report. That Arizona audit is shaping up. Does Lois Lerner like her jail cell? Hillary’s eMails, yadda yadda.

  11. How much more and for how much longer you need to see that there’s no fixing of unfixable. The only way is to scratch everything, start from the zero.

  12. A good president would fire him and actually have him arrested for treason because he ran counter to the commander in chief. Doesn’t matter when it occurred. He is a threat to the office. But Biden is not a good president. I have to say, more worried about the current asshole in office launching missles than I ever was when Trump was president. Where are the brave men at the pentagon who have balls to demand he go? Where?

  13. This blithering idiot is too stupid to do proper military planning so he concentrates on aiding and abetting the enemy!

  14. Try him for treason. If found guilty strip him of everything (rank, retirment and whatever fines are applicalble) then put his back against a wall and shoot him.

  15. They don’t fear the voting public anymore, that’s why the turf wars between State Dept & CIA against Pentagon & WH have been so public. They know that with all the normalization of massive nationwide cheating they’ll never have to answer to the public again for their actions. They aren’t even bothering with pretending the voting public can do anything to punish the administration and law makers who let this garbage fester.

    The consequences of powerful agencies having no authority to answer but themselves is going to be a fight for supremacy for ultimate control over all of government operations between the two sides with the most power, but there can only be one, in the end. Hopefully, there will be at least a remnant of a representative democracy left rather than the fascist state they are rapidly imposing.

  16. Don’t be surprised if some poor vet who has a terminal illness and nothing to lose decides v-i-g-i-l-a-n-t-e j-u-s-t-i-c-e is desperately needed in this country and his service to the country needs one more act.
    Just sayin’

  17. I would assume there’s another one lined up if this guy gets kicked to the curb?
    Kind of thinking he must have dipped his face in miracle grow. He could loan pedo Joe some plugs and still have decent eyebrows.
    Someone make fragging great again.

  18. Jethro

    I’m sure a few of the DOTMIL guys are getting visits from FIBYs. It’s called fragging I believe.

    Dr. Tar, I think you’re on the right trail here. I look at it this way, who’s going to remove, charge, prosecute any of these traitorous pieces of shit?

    I think it’s up to us. Make friends with like minded peeps. Be a grey man. And you can’t say it enough, don’t give up your guns.

  19. I think he admitted to it as a way to give a giant middle finger to Trump and everyone else. He figures nothing is going to be done, so this is a way to throw this all in the face of his domestic enemies and demoralize the population at the same time. The only appropriate sentence for someone this treasonous capital punishment.

  20. ^^^^^ Yes. He thinks he’s getting CNN faggot brownie points. Here’s a thought, since the Senate is responsible for the Treason Hearing, let’s drop this until after the mid terms. It won’t be so fashionable to be a traitorous piece of shit then,

  21. Milley was never a Fighting General. He’s strictly a Political General, an empty uniform adept at slithering his way thru the bowels of Gummint.

    Piece. Of. Shit.


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