Millionaire Maxine Waters buys $10 book from homeless woman, needs change

Is this the change in “hope and change” ?

The optics of this is awful.

The thinking is worse.

21 Comments on Millionaire Maxine Waters buys $10 book from homeless woman, needs change

  1. Pandering to an illegal street vendor.
    How could anyone be so stupid & dense
    enough to vote for these morons ???

  2. Not only did she ask for change back, she likely will ask to be reimbursed as a congressional business expense.

  3. highly doubtful that sales tax was collected for that transaction. An audit of her returns is appropriate. What else is she hiding?

  4. Of course she wanted change back, it was her own money she was using this time.
    Now, if she had been using taxpayer money she would have paid twice the price.

  5. What a miserly cow. She’ll probably have the homeless woman’s book stand shut down based on some technical violation if the video goes viral. Most of the comments are going to shade Mad Maxine for being a Scroogette.

  6. There was zero seconds between her words. Way too quick with “I need change”, obviously it’s part of her standard repertoire of phrases.
    How many kids lemonade stands are shut down because they don’t have a permit?
    How much you want to bet that this book stand doesn’t have a permit?
    One set of laws for you and one set of laws for me — “We need change”.

  7. obviously that $13 billion didn’t come out of auntie maxy’s bank, cause when it’s her money, she tight

  8. Even if this crazy old bat is running in the darkest reaches of LA there has to be a better GOP candidate to put against her. not sure what the demographics are but maybe an well-spoken Hispanic or Black candidate that can actually explain why unemployment among them is down, wages are up and why LA is such a shithole after years of Democrat rule. Hell, she’s a crook, her husbands a crook and she hasn’t done a damn thing for her constituents in all her years in office.

  9. The video doesn’t show the part where she pulled the money out of her bra.

    She wants her change. She wants all of yours, too.

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