Millions of insurance plans were cancelled due to Obamacare, but Biden says nobody lost their plans – IOTW Report

Millions of insurance plans were cancelled due to Obamacare, but Biden says nobody lost their plans

Just The News:

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said during Thursday night’s debate that nobody lost their health insurance plans when Obamacare was fully implemented, but millions of individuals had their insurance policies cancelled at the time.

A RAND Corporation study estimated that 5.9 million people lost their insurance plans due to Obamacare’s rules and regulations. 

Obamacare is the 2010 health care law crafted by former President Obama, for whom Biden served as vice president for both of his terms.

Obama was heavily criticized at the time for telling Americans that if “you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” which turned out not to be the case.

Politifact rated Obama’s promise the “lie of the year” in 2013. more here

20 Comments on Millions of insurance plans were cancelled due to Obamacare, but Biden says nobody lost their plans

  1. I didn’t technically loose my health insurance, but after Obamacare my company could no longer afford the excellent health insurance we had and switched to a high deductible plan. We now have to pay the first $3200 in medical bills out of pocket each year before our insurance kicks in at all. So since I’ve never accumulated over $3200 in medical bills in a single year, I’ve never had medical insurance pay any of my medical bills since Obama care kicked in. I bet there are millions of other Americans who’ve had the same experience.

  2. It phased out catastrophic insurance, too. Which was all some people could afford. You wanna help people, make it so that you can walk into any doctor’s office like it’s a retail store and not a fucking car dealership.

  3. That’s exactly what happened to me MJA. I had had a catastrophic plan for over 30 years. The terms and cost changed over the decades of course. In all of my life, including the last 6 years I’ve been on MediCare, which I have never used, I have NEVER had insurance pay 1 cent for anything I have had done.

    I always felt good knowing that if I ever did go over my deductible, I was covered. Isn’t that what insurance is?

    ObamaCare came along and that was that. Fucking lying POS Biden is picking right up where Obama left off.

  4. Riiiiiiight…. just whut WE need for healthcare is a greedy, dirty democRAT like Jackass Joe who thought screwing most Americans out of Health-plans and Doctors they liked was a “Big Fuckin’ Deal”!!
    I guess you could say it wuz the only time in his life that Jackass Joe was ever right…
    in the wrong way!

  5. Plans cancelled and the best option was to pay the penalty for not having insurance. Like President Trump said last night, we did the best we could to make it work, but Obamacare is a disaster.

  6. Whatever happened to the so-called 4500 sealed indictments that used to surface on the interwebs? I wonder if Sloppy Joe was included? (“Sloppy Joe”- not my idea, but funny as heck)

  7. If voters choose Lyin Buyden after he already royally screwed them with his theft and lies to date (47 years a parasite!) then they will deserve what the dark side has planned for them.

    What does that leave for the rest of us? A warm feeling that that ammo was good investment after all. The veiled theft of the last 100 years will degenerate into constant rioting and looting. Civility cannot exist in a New Sodom.

  8. 7 years ago I paid $207 per month for PPO health insurance. That was before 0bamacare kicked in. The very next year it went up 60%! and now is about $700 – and with a higher deductible.
    I am moving to CO in a month. They allow for sub-Bronze plans, so I am getting a plan for about $300 a month.
    And all of that ignores that there were no efforts to actually cut medical costs until Trump started doing something about it.

  9. Forget the feeling he’s going to lose badly but they’ll still try and cheat their way in. This is going to the courts, not to mention the chaos in the streets. The pallets of bricks are already on order.

  10. Until we force all the members of Congress to accept the same worthless health care they have forced on the citizens of the country they are mismanaging, nothing will change.

  11. I’m sure right after the worthless DC pols pass a term limits bill, they’ll vote to kill their golden health care plan

  12. I lost my plan, my agent quit handling medical insurance, and my doctor closed his practice.

    Thanks to Obama, for the first time in my life, I was without health insurance. But, Joe wants me to feel selfish for not wanting to cover people who are here illegally.

  13. The Pedo can’t remember what he had for breakfast. How can you lie when every minute starts a new day?

    The demented dipshit actually believes his own lies.

  14. I for one, to avoid Obamacare I absolutely could not afford, NOR was willing to go on welfare to qualify for basic coverage, I went overseas to get a job, and their federal health insurance is $75/mo.

    So, there’s another.


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