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Milwaukee Alderman Threatens After Riots – Do What Blacks Want Or Else


And while city leaders called a press conference to ask for calm, Alderman Khalif Rainey made plenty of excuses, stopping short of outright condoning the violence.

The alderman said Milwaukee is “the absolute worst place in America for African-Americans to live in the entire country.”

He said black people are “tired of living under this oppression” and while he said he didn’t justify the violence itself, “nobody can deny that there are racial problems here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that have to be rectified.”

Rainey even seemed to threaten more violence.

“This is the warning cry,” he said of the rioters burning their community to the ground and shooting at firefighters who tried to put out a gas station fire.

“Where do we go from here?” he asked. “Where do we go as a community from here? Do we continue with the inequity, the injustice, the unemployment, the under-education that creates these byproducts that we see this evening? Do we continue that?”

He demanded that the black people’s grievances be rectified immediately.

“Because if you don’t, this vision of downtown, all of that,” he threatened. “You one day away. You one day away (from it happening again).”

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  1. Stop electing Democraps. Stay in school. Get a job, take care of your babies, and lastly, “Pants Up Don’t Loot”

  2. I am sure no matter what color they come in, the 2nd Amendment was crafted to defeat this threat to our liberty and security.

    Don’t care if it’s KKK or BLM idiots, a bullet is a copper jacketed, equal opportunity tranquilizer. It’s time to start the wholesale shooting of rioters and looters.

  3. Milwaukee is the absolute worst place in America for feral negros??
    Oh boy, Khalif!
    Have we ever got a surprise for you in west Texas!!

  4. LBJ’s Great Society is bearing fruit. And the old dead white motherfucker is long gone and no longer with us to witness what he
    and his democrat cronies planted.

  5. Inner city, fatherless, uneducated, feral Blacks turn Milwaukee into a gangster, drug and violence shit hole and want everyone else to fix it. Users, Abusers and Losers.
    If Milwaukee is so damn bad, move to Detroit, Dearbonistan, Wahington DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Oakland, East St. Louis, etc.

  6. So Milwaukee is the worst place for blacks to live in the U.S.? I thought it was Dallas. Or Baltimore. Or New York. Or……

    Damn, I need a scorecard. And just to clarify, these shitholes really aren’t that great for whites either.

  7. I was thinking the same thing HarleyRose-here in Lamesa in w Texas, that shit would last about an hour. I have no doubt there would be gun battles.

  8. Hey Khalif. How many black on black shootings in Milwaukee have you ignored this year? Tell you what. When whitey gets tired of you coons making demands for shit that you don’t deserve, we’ll show you what real racial oppression looks like. And if you really piss us off, we’ll show you the real definition of genocide.
    Keep it up, nigger.

  9. The picture seems to indicate that those folks can’t breathe.

    Sounds like maybe they just need some ventilation.

    Get a little fresh air flowing through them, ya know…?


  10. “tired of living under this oppression”

    Bullshit. They live for the oppression. It’s who they are, it’s what defines them. FFS, they openly and freely vote to keep the oppression by standing with the democrats.

  11. Gov Walker just called up the National Guard.

    I went to college in Milwaukee-have been all over WI. Too bad but we’ve let this shit go on too long. When Trump talks about law & order, I sure get it.

  12. Ask ’em point blank what they want. I suspect they want the ghetto “privatized” – no city police, fire or ambulance. Especially no police. Can’t have the others without the police to ride shotgun. All or nothing. If it is wild west ghetto they want, I say give it to them. Have a boundary setting meeting and make it so. Usual rules outside the lines. Give the so motivated time to leave. I’d even ticket them for speeding if they burst out of the hood with a bleeding bro headed for a hospital. When half are dead and no businesses stay behind, I suspect we’ll see them come to Jesus. Until then, they are too stupid to see the likely results of what they apparently want. I don’t see the benefit of wasting one more cop life, one more pizza deliverer, one more convenience store clerk, taxi driver, etc, etc, etc. for that kind of daily anarchy. Same goes for the muslim no go zones starting to crop up. It’d be a great example to the other ghettos what unbridled ferality really looks like. “Darwin Zones.” Where nature takes its course. Never happen, of course, but a boy can dream.

  13. The solution to this problem is simple.
    Go into the white middle-class neighborhoods and burn them to the ground while beating every white person you see.
    I would be willing to bet that the problem would be solved in a couple of hours.

  14. All through breakfast and again at lunch, LBJ ranted, “I told you so! I told you so! They gave them Negroes too much. I said ‘just enough to keep ’em quiet’ but, nooo, the damn white-guilt got the better of them.”

    I suppose, tonight at dinner George Wallace will chime in and keep this jig-jive going. 👿

  15. Hey, FDR. Where’s Margaret Sanger? Doing the nasty with Eleanor, or babysitting Trayvon Martin? Her plan to weed thugs obviously failed. It went limp, like your pegs.

  16. Hey Alderman, you know why it’s the worst place in America for blacks to live? Too many blacks live there….

  17. Ann, I get it… Peg Sanger and my “pegs”…
    Very clever.
    Look me up when you get here, doll.
    Circle 8, Bolgia 5.
    I’ll keep the flame burnin’ for ya’. 👿

  18. How many of them are so oppressed they are moving back to Africa?

    The only way to actually ‘rectify racial problems,’ is to get rid of the minorities.

    Send them all back.

  19. The whining, racist black people are the leftists’ useful idiots, being astroturfed by Soros and others, yet they coninue steppin’ and fetchin’ for the very same racist assholes. They can all piss off.

  20. Keep it up goofs, I’m ready for you!

    Chimp Out! Chimp Out! Chimp Out!

    There’s going to be one hell of a nigger pile!

  21. The globalists must be ecstatic at this news.

    Surely Martial Law is just a pen stroke away.

    As soon as the public takes to fighting back successfully – count on it. They can’t have people defending themselves now. That would be racist.

    I’m betting there will no protective action attempted before that day comes.

  22. The picture seems to indicate that those folks can’t breathe.

    Sounds like maybe they just need some ventilation.

    Get a little fresh air flowing through them, ya know…? -Vietvet


    Mighty nice of you to offer free tracheotomies.

  23. Wait a minute. We have Sheriff Clark on the job:

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has requested the National Guard be called in to quell the violent riots in his city.

    Sheriff Clarke said he spoke with Gov. Scott Walker and Major General Donald Dunbar before requesting the Guard be mobilized on Sunday.

    “We cannot allow for a repeat of what happened last night. I am going to utilize all available resources to accomplish that,” the sheriff, famous for his no-nonsense approach to fighting crime, said in a press release.

  24. Just have the National Guard form a cordon around the affected area. Let them burn their own shit down like they always do. As long as they don’t start in on the white hoods, then there is no problem. If they start to move out of their own hood and try to destroy white hoods and businesses, then let the Guard open fire. Right now, they are only hurting themselves. It only seems terrible because that’s what the MSM wants it to look like. (Gotta keep the focus off of Hillary)

  25. When things aren’t going right, the first thing I do is see if I’m the problem. Typically that’s the case and I can proceed from there. So-called oppressed groups need to start at that point.

    Black activists need to understand two things: (1) government cannot fix your problems, and (2) if they try, you won’t like the solution. Government can and does provide law enforcement to combat crime. Government can and does provide schools for education. Government can pass laws designed to ensure equal opportunity for everyone. But government cannot ensure that your kids won’t grow up to be gangbangers, or that your kids won’t treat school as just a nuisance, or that your community members won’t vandalize, rob, or destroy local businesses. That’s all on you.

    But if you want government to try to fix these problems, they will be happy to try. Government will start by taking away your freedoms – your freedom of choice, your freedom to speak, your freedom to move, and your freedom to complain. None of these things will work – they never do – and you will be left with the same problems but a more overbearing government and less money because these things, while ineffectual, aren’t free.

    Black leaders need to step up and examine why things are the way they are. Maybe it’s because over 75% of black kids are born to single mothers. Maybe it’s because the local communities don’t make an effort to make sure the schools are effective and safe, and that parents are responsible for their kids’ education. Maybe it’s because the local environment is so toxic that businesses don’t want to move there under any circumstances. Maybe it’s no one’s fault but your own.

  26. Please give us an example of what you mean by “this oppression.’ If you can’t get that job, is it because you don’t got that edicakashun? Whose fault is that? Not mine — I have better things to do than spend my time oppressing you.

  27. O has turned me into a straight up racist. Wasn’t before but am now. I refer to him only as the Jug Eared Son of a Nigger loving Whore.

    i hate his guts and his Mooch even more.

  28. O has turned me into a straight up racist. Wasn’t before but am now. I refer to him only as the Jug Eared Son of a Nigger loving Whore.

    i hate his guts and his Mooch even more.

  29. Let us entertain the Segregation idea, I am for carving out a space for them to live free of oppression.
    As long as they stay there and do their own maintenance.

  30. My heart goes out to the millions of successful African Americans because of the shit they have to endure with these low-lifes and liberal white racists.
    Just check out “Mr. Harry Alford in an exchange with Sen. Barbara Boxer.” How this cow got away with her racist, condescending bullshit is proof that successful blacks get the shaft from both
    the democrats and their slaves.

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