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Milwaukee protests end in violence after cop shot and killed a man following traffic stop

  • More than 100 people gathered in standoff with officers in Milwaukee 
  • Protests occurred after officer shot and killed a man after traffic stop  
  • Authorities said the 23-year-old man was armed with a handgun
  • But it wasn’t clear whether he had pointed gun or fired at the officer 
  • Officers attempted to leave but crowd smashed a squad car’s windows 
  • Another police car was set on fire and one officer was struck by a brick 
  • A BP gas station was set on fire along with three other buildings  
  • The officer, 24, who shot the man was placed on administrative duty

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Violent protests erupted in Milwaukee after more than 100 people gathered in a standoff with police following a shooting in which a cop shot and killed a 23-year-old man after a traffic stop. Officers attempted to leave but the crowd smashed a squad car’s windows. Another police car (top) was set on fire and one officer was taken to the hospital after being struck by a brick thrown through his squad car window. Police tweeted that a gas station had been set on fire. They said firefighters couldn’t extinguish the blaze because gunshots were being fired. Some officers were forced to hide behind vehicles during the protests as bystanders watched as protesters set cars on fire dressed in riot gear.

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  1. Another one of obongo’s sons goes room temperature and a city is looted in tribute. What a crazy, f’ed up world.

  2. Nice headline BFH.

    This morning the city made famous for its beer is rapidly becoming known for being yet another urban failure due to generational rule by Democrats.

  3. “But it wasn’t clear whether he had pointed gun or fired at the officer”

    So it’s now OK to confront a cop with a gun as long as you don’t point it at him or shoot…OK gotcha.

    Keep thinking like that dindus, really, I’m sure to someone with a room temp IQ, it makes perfect sense.

  4. “A BP gas station was set on fire along with three other buildings”

    When this shit starts going down, all bets are off-I say open up on them.

  5. They have to live there every day looking at what they did. No gas station available for miles, so no Skittles or Cheetos for them! One less breeder, one less thug, one less EBT card holder, 1 less Obama phone. Chalk one up for the taxpayer.

  6. And the liberals still moan about the white flight from the cities that started back in the sixties… these people of color have yet to learn not to shit where they eat.


  7. Funny, but didn’t Obola just recently meet with #BLM “leaders” at the White Hut?


    Naw … no “smoking gun” as BillO would say …

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Yer Racial Healing update:
    Chaos is Obama’s true legacy. The Øbamboozler wuz never anything more than a wet-dream for all the dumbed-down, self-absorbed, celebrity-obsessed, White guilt-ridden, Birkenstock-wearing, bottled-water-drinking, Politically Correct, Diversity-loving, kumbaya-singing, bobble-headed, silly Socialist Snowflakes stuck on Stupid!

  9. With every major news network in Milwaukee trumpeting their breaking news reports over and over its no surprise this took place.

  10. Mayor and alderman on TV blaming, guess who, cops and state legislature for allowing guns. Black people on TV parroting the narrative that it’s the cops killing the blacks. “I’m scared” and crap. We, on the other hand, know it’s the usual suspects rioting ( not protests or anger as the reporters claim) so they can claim their ‘cred’.
    I used to drive thru that ‘hood for work. Changed jobs, don’t have to go there no more.

  11. And the media will jump on this like flies on shit, as a distraction from all of the crap coming down on Hillary from the DNC email hack. Could this be another contrived incident? They seem to show up whenever Hillary gets into trouble.

  12. Seriously. Give them a police-free zone to operate in.

    Anything goes! Police never called!

    Good people (potential victims of all races) would move out leaving them to their own devices.

    After that, we could arrange safaris into this wilderness and issue hunting licenses with no bag limits.

    It would also be the first hunting grounds where poaching is encouraged.

  13. OK Scott Walker, let’s see what you’ve got. . . we’re waiting Mr. RINO. . . or is this what you had in mind for the whole country when your ran for the nomination?

    What ya got?

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