Milwaukee experiencing ‘cluster’ outbreak of HIV and syphilis, including babies and teens

FOX: An outbreak of sexually transmitted disease is hitting the Milwaukee area, and an alarming percentage of the patients are teenagers.

According to The Journal Sentinel, at least 125 people — including some high school students — have contracted HIV, syphilis or both in one of the largest sexually transmitted infection “clusters” discovered in the city.

Less than 10 percent of the 125 people who tested positive are Milwaukee Public Schools students, but health care experts anticipate the number of cases could go up.

“This is an epidemic people are not talking about enough, and it leads to people taking unnecessary risks,” said Melissa Ugland, a public health consultant told the newspaper.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines a “cluster” as “an unusual aggregation, of disease that are grouped together in time and place.” Ugland told the newspaper this cluster was identified because patients could all be connected, and were in contact with each other during a 12-month period.

Most of those who were tested in the group were men and 45 percent were HIV positive, according to Ugland and other health care advocates. Information about which school or schools are affected by the cluster has not been released.  MORE HERE

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17 Comments on Milwaukee experiencing ‘cluster’ outbreak of HIV and syphilis, including babies and teens

  1. ” Information about which school or schools are affected by the cluster has not been released.” Of course not.

    Kids knowing this might be more prone to keep their pants zipped.

  2. Has that area of Milwaukee seen some recent illegal alien residents lately? Including ‘refugees’?
    It’s bad enough we have natural born hoochies in this country, so why import them?

  3. Another step closer to Liberal utopia. Makes me happy we left all that Leave it to Beaver style conservatism behind us.

  4. Clue: If a story like this one involves homosexuals or illegals, the media will disguise that fact at all cost. If the story stays cryptic on exactly who has been freshly infected or how, you’ll know it’s one or the other, or both.

  5. mja ~ you are correct … prezzy Obozo resettled a lot of Sammies in Wisconson & Minnesota
    I’m sure it has nothing to do w/ this … merely a coincidence … RIGHT! 🙄

  6. Aren’t they close enough to Canadia, to illegally cross the border, and go get some of THEIR free healthcare? 🙄

  7. Please God tell me CDC didn’t release it, I’m still worried about whatever it is that has happened to that Atlanta CDC worker who disappeared ?

  8. Somewhere today there was an article about a leftist who hoped conservatives would simply die off. Uh, right. It’s the leftists who want the infected to swarm our borders. Infecteds gather in leftist areas. Leftists are biggest abusers of street drugs. Leftists accept and endorse Anally Injected Death Serum (AIDS). Leftist blacks are busy slaughtering each other. Leftist parents do not discourage their kids from screwing everyone. Sex workers are leftists. Most those who kill themselves are depressed leftists. Most violent criminals are leftist who die in homicides or preventable accidents. Dream on leftists.

  9. I am glad my P & V Wild oat
    days are over.I ended out just in time.
    [with the voice of the dosXX guy] I once
    visted the Safari Club on Del Carmen Island
    at the bottom of the gulf 3 times in 1982 and
    came away with nothing but tales that could only
    be told around a desolate camp fire with whiskey
    and fine cigars gentlemen only…

  10. Buttheadicus: I Googled the name of the place of your misspent youth. Yikes, according to the very first hit this could be weirder than anticipated:
    “The Carmen Island has an important Desert Bighorn Sheep reproduction program in place since 1995. Its purpose is to increase the existing populations of weemsi subspecies in the State of Baja California Sur.”

  11. CHI GUY. Wrong place.
    Del Carmen Island bottom
    of gulf of Mexico.Near Cancun.


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