Milwaukee man mobbed by BLM activists—arrested for trying to defend his home

PML: Activists in Milwaukee, Wisc. staged a protest at a neighbour’s home on Monday, alleging that he was racist. Police were called when the man could be seen holding a gun, and then he was arrested. The story was reported on Twitter by Kitty Shackleford.

As the crowd watches, laughs, and sings “you about to go to jail,” an officer enters the man’s home and seconds later escorts him out in handcuffs. The crowd goes exuberantly wild with applause and cheers.

“You about the go to jail,” a voice calls out over a megaphone, while other activists scream “F*** you, Pete,” and “Don’t arrest me, arrest ‘Pistol Pete!'” more here

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  1. There is something rotten in Wisconsin. From the rogue prosecutors targeting Scott Walkers’ staff with John Doe SWAT raids while he was governor to the present.

    Neither law enforcement or the courts there can be trusted. They are the enemy within. ISIS on the Menominee. U of W.

  2. Gestapo was staffed by local Police.

    I don’t know the political atmosphere of Milwaukee, but I can guess – a putrid miasma of socialism? If a thuggish mob was at his house threatening, chanting, breaking noise ordinances, and being obnoxious, without the necessary city permits, and the cops didn’t disperse them, the man should have known he was toast. Cops choose sides, too. We’ve experienced the FBI, CIA, and NSA turning traitor and throwing in with the forces attempting to destroy America.

    Don’t trust in the institutions of man. Being manned by men they’re subject to the vagueries of men.
    The Armed Forces are chuck full of people who owe their allegiance to Nihilistic Totalitarianism (especially after the purges of Obola and Biden’s last term) and have probably never read the Constitution.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. …what good is a “right” to OWN guns if you get arrested for even DISPLAYING them, let alone USING them?

    It’s not much of a defense if they have to actually HARM you before you’re even allowed to draw a bead, it’s kind of too late by then…

  4. Sounds like a Canuckistan solution.

    Is there a second amendment or not? I sincerely do not understand how the 2nd biggest (should be first) is interpreted as optional or non applicable everywhere.

  5. Back the Blue = Worship the State.

    Any chance of reforming police to respect rights died within an hour of George Floyd’s death when BLM hijacked the media. When all this nonsense comes to an end, police misconduct will be worse.

  6. rotflmfao! No amount of atrocites against the people will be enough to spur you fucking cowards to fight back.

  7. Mr. Sullivan,
    How many tyrants have you deposed?
    How many agents of provocation have you killed?

    You must be a sly devil, indeed! Maybe an NSA spook?
    No deaths reported thus far …

    izlamo delenda est …


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