Milwaukee Riot – Black People Targeting Whites – “They’re White! Beat Their A$$!”

Click into post for link to video where Mark Dice pulls no punches with his editorialization.

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  1. Any dumbass honkies who put themselves into that position, need to have their asses beat.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. No midnight basketball?

    That was gonna cure all the negro ills back in the 80s or so.

    Guess it didn’t work out …

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. To the unprovoked, “Beat his ass!” direct at me, I humbly respond with, “KA-POW!”

    Thank God for the genius of John Moses Browning!!

  4. Note the feral yard ape in his native habitat.
    An opportunistic ambush predator, they rely on numbers and ambush to prey on their more numerous enemies.
    Fiercely territorial, they wage war on all who do not posses superior firepower, or numbers to deter becoming prey.
    History will know them for the Left’s first human social experiment, an attempt to home-grow a voting block based on perceived oppression as directed by information control.
    Their only known predator is themselves, however they have altered their breeding practices to accommodate their internal directives.
    Their existence is ensured by the state, for without it, they would surely perish

  5. “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to
    back up his acts with his life.” – Robert A. Heinlein

  6. While out cleaning the goose pen this morning it occurred to me that I feed them, house them, clean up their shit, look after their health, protect them from predators (as much as I can), and enjoy their noises and frolics.

    They’re PETS.

    I make no profit from them. They don’t pull wagons, clean ditches, cut wood, engage in mutually agreeable dialogue, ponder the mysteries of the Universe, invent, innovate, teach, learn, develop skills, design rockets or submarines, or any other functions of “higher” animals.

    If our cities were inhabited by millions of geese, America would actually be better off than it is, now – because geese don’t pretend to be anything other than what they are – feed em, clean up their shit, and protect em from predators – which they don’t appreciate, but they don’t resent, either.

    The indigenous populants of our cities are hateful and resentful that we have tried, for 2 and 1/2 centuries, to civilize them, while geese just, generally, don’t give a fuck one way or the other – they’re perfectly content to be fed, cleaned up after, and protected.

    There may be a lesson hidden in here.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Over the past few years (say 20) the friction between urban blacks and whites has been massively ratcheted up by the Democrat Party, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton types, Louis Farrakan, the Media and a whole assortment of other actors who manufacture incidents to extort votes (based on some white population segments self loathing), money, power, influence etc all to benefit the few. I say urban because now, at this time most of the black population don’t subscribe to this crap. While this segment probably does vote Democrat you won’t find them at a riot or at a BLM protest or collecting welfare. You will find them working beside you, mowing their lawn when you are, worrying about how their going to send their kids to a good college just like you do or, like you, worrying whether they have enough money in the bank if they lose their job. The problem is that the more this type of Urban black behaviour keeps up (including the huge amount of black on black and black on white crime) and is reported the harder it is for people to differentiate between the two groups. We have to try hard to remember that the Black community is really composed of two types. The majority is like you and me with the same worries and hopes while the other is the Urban predator who robs, rapes, maims and kills without remorse and for some reason is given partial protection from the government (at whatever level) as they prey upon the rest of us (including or perhaps especially the other part of the Black community).

  8. I believe they long for these moments when they can pillage, burn and looting, to them it’s a party come one come all, let’s burn the town down. It’s all fun and games until someone shoots back and has had enough.
    The cops will not help you when they’re beating you, they’re told to stand down, they will watch over your demise.

  9. In the “real” world their funding would be cut off and they would either have to 1)become productive and get a job or 2)resort totally to crime (notice I said “totally”). When they resort to crime that’s when you shoot them thus getting rid of the “surplus”.

  10. As soon as Obama comes out from under the table, where he is passing funds and instructions to these soldiers of his, we will hear a word of him identifying with the oppressed criminals.

    Oh and his minions from hell, the DOJ gestapo, will investigate another police shooting DESPITE, body cameras.

    Chaos is the plan. Nationalizing police and sending in UN troops soon to follow.

    And the MSM plays its fiddles, as America burns.

  11. I find it astonishing that either none of the beaten white people were armed, or if they were chose not to defend themselves. I promise you that if I had been attacked there would be some dead and/or wounded attackers in very short order.

  12. Strange that the media cannot see that things have gotten worser and worser in the country since the Oblowme took over. It all started with “the police acting stupidly” and “if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon.” Strange !

  13. I don’t think they are mad about black people being shot. I think they are upset because nobody thinks they are important enough to shoot yet.
    So do them a favor next time you’re out that way …

  14. Generations of inbreeding in these government funded cesspools and we get these vicious functionally retarded animals traveling in rabid packs attacking the more evolved.

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