Mindy Robinson: Protest Planned Against Governor Sisolak at Route 91 Memorial for Embezzling Victims’ Gofundme Money

DC Patriot:

On the anniversary of Route 91 on October 1st, where a “lone gunman” killed 58 country music concert goers in Las Vegas, Nevada’s corrupt Governor has announced he will be attending it’s “sunrise memorial.”This is the first time Governor Sisolak has pre-announced a public appearance this far out, since illegally granting himself “emergency powers” last year and stripping Nevada citizens of our constitutional rights. Despite massive protests, walk outs, and town halls full of angry voters being ignored by our “representatives” Nevada has become (and quite unnecessarily) one of the strictest covid mandate states in the union. Mandatory masks inside and out, forced vaccinations for health care workers, teachers, casino employees, and police officers, vaccine passports and testing to attend football games, and recently this week Clark County commissioners passed an agenda item to label free speech a “public health crisis” to be dealt with by any means necessary. To say it’s gotten bad here, is an understatement. This is the same County that’s been physically assaulting voters (including me) at town halls for speaking out about their rights.

The local news won’t report on it of course, but Nevadans have serious questions about what happened to the $32 million dollars Steve Sisolak raised on Gofundme for the shooting victims of Route 91. It appears to have been split up and sent to other charities and then…..disappeared. As far as we can tell (and there didn’t much out about it), only a small fraction of the $32 million was ever given out to victims.

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  1. You can catch a shoplifter but it’s hard to catch a large group of looters. The leftist are like looters, so many terrible things being done all at once it’s hard to nail it all down. Each state, county, precinct has to be vigilant about holding their own to give an answer for their actions. I hope Nevada finds it’s answers and justice.

  2. Does this jerk ever smile? With that perpetual scowl he looks like he should be a mobster of the worst kind. He almost makes Inslee in Wash. state look like a saint which will never happen. Why are so many democrap governors (and joey) angry power mad thugs and despots who don’t believe in God or freedom or America as it was founded. I have no respect for any and all democrap politicians, none whatsoever.


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