Mini Mike wants to fight Socialist Sanders

Let’s get ready to rum-bull!!!

Mike. No kicking, no biting his ankles, no suit pressing during time outs.
Bernie. No thumbs in the eyes, no fingers in his pockets, try not to pass out.

FOX: Bloomberg stages massive media barrage against Sanders, prepares for critical debate showdown.

Mike Bloomberg is preparing a massive media campaign against Bernie Sanders, whose commanding Nevada caucus victory has also drawn the attention of other top Democratic candidates — and rankled establishment Democrats who believe that the far-left, self-avowed “democratic socialist” could alienate moderates and cost the party the White House.

CNBC first reported Bloomberg’s new approach, which will employ opposition research, surrogates, and advertisements across multiple platforms. The volley began on Monday, as the Bloomberg campaign unveiled a video accusing Sanders of being weak on gun control — an issue that Bloomberg has previously sought to corner. The former New York City mayor already has spent over half a billion dollars in campaign advertising, reports said.


12 Comments on Mini Mike wants to fight Socialist Sanders

  1. @Clammy Sammy, Unlike the other progressive candidates, I don’t think so. Bernie has devoted his life to his cause and is only a second heart attack away from not realizing it. He can’t be bought out.

  2. I am rapidly losing interest in this high speed clown car that is engulfed in flames.
    It’s really about retaking the House and increasing the majority in the Senate so that President Trump can get down to business next year.

  3. Who the hell cares? Grow your own beef. Slaughter and butcher it yourself. Grill the steaks over a 2 zone BBQ setup, serve the steaks with wine you made yourself from fruit you grew, and tell the world to FUCK OFF!!.

  4. Don’t be ignorant. They’re all Libtards. They’ll fight your ass if the are guaranteed a victory. Is that the real world?

  5. @HarryA……

    Hitlary bought him out in 2016…..

    Didn’t Bernie get his third (3rd) house out of that deal.,,,..

    to shut up and sit down…..?

  6. “Cost the party the White House”
    Failing to see a problem with Bernie here…or any of them for that matter.
    The only chance they have is cheating or assignation.


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