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Miniature Pink Crosses Too Much For Pro-Abortionist

Last Friday, Students for Life put up a display of small pink crosses on the University of  Michigan campus. Despite the group having permission a number of individuals attempted to remove the display.

One vandal was confronted by members of Students for Life and asked to return the crosses she had bagged to where she had found them. The person refused to stop as well as engage in a conversation, until  campus security happened by. Watch

18 Comments on Miniature Pink Crosses Too Much For Pro-Abortionist

  1. If they actually believed abortion is good and right, they wouldn’t object to someone calling attention to it.

    They’d be proud of it.

  2. Ever notice that the women who are so vehemently pro-choice are the ones who were voted in their high school yearbook superlatives section as, “Least Likely to get Laid”?

  3. The bitch should be given a large can of WHUP ASS – by another woman.

    Hey, I grew up with five sisters, one of whom would have sat on her chest after rubbing her face in dogdoo.

  4. So sick of these ugly crunts. I just want to start swinging at them and not stop. I want to grab the back of her ugly, smug face and make her pick up everyone of those precious crosses (innocent lives). Then grind her ugly, hateful face into the ground. I’ve had enough!

  5. “Well-behaved women seldom make history” Feminist bumper sticker theorem

    “Poorly-behaved women seldom make bail” Feminist bumping into reality

  6. My progressive piece of shit neighbor is similar in that way. His trash blows all over my yard and when I pick it all up and throw it back in his yard he calls me the asshole. He expects me to take responsibility for it and throw it in the trash and claims it’s disrespectful for me to throw trash in his yard. Last time it happened he said, “You should just move, no one likes you.” I responded, “I can’t sell because no one wants to live next to a garbage dump.” Does he ever get a clue? Nope! It’s pointless to interact with progs.

  7. “Well-behaved women seldom make history” Feminist bumper sticker theorem”

    “Poorly-behaved women seldom make bail” Feminist bumping into reality”

    Ugly blue or other not natural colored hair women seldom (if ever) get laid.

  8. Scary lady.Looks like she would enjoy
    takin’ a straight raza’ to ole Radioationman’s
    figs. Also looks demonic replete with death cult
    evil bone finger gloves…

  9. Such a sad, sad day. When sharia rules the former United States of America. When communist professors can’t make it to class. And purple haired feminists can’t make it out alive. I’ll miss these Good™ old days. On the Right Side Of History™. (sniffle)

  10. Back in MY day… we in College Republicans would’ve laid that bitch out cold, stuck a cross in her purple hair, and left her there… all WITHOUT the Campus 5 – O’s help. 😡

    Sure would be nice, to see C-R grow a PAIR these days… AGAIN. 🙄

  11. For the record, SFL is one of the few “groups” that I support.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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