Minneapolis City Council Unanimously Approves Measure To Abolish Police

The Hill

The Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a proposal that would amend the city’s charter to allow the city police department to be dismantled.

The 12-0 vote is the latest push to hold law enforcement accountable after the death of George Floyd, a Black man who was killed last month in an encounter with the city’s police. The proposal’s passage is the first step toward making the decision a ballot measure in the November general election.

The proposal would replace the police department with a Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention, “which will have responsibility for public safety services prioritizing a holistic, public health-oriented approach.” More

All they need now is voter approval this fall to figuratively fling themselves headlong into the abyss. More

13 Comments on Minneapolis City Council Unanimously Approves Measure To Abolish Police

  1. And just who would the Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention be hiring? Former police no doubt. Ah, the magic of double speak.

  2. No police for you, but the city council will still be well protected.

    Where did the police go when they were ordered to abandon the 3rd precinct? Probably went to protect city council members and the mayor.

  3. I don’t suppose arresting people will be part of the mission of the Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention.

  4. Anyone remember the commercial about the holistic car mechanic who pushed down on a client’s arms and identified the problem with the car?

  5. Minneapolis is about ready to go from Minnesota nice to Minnesota vice. Nature abhors a vacuum, just how soon will the muzzies move in and declare Sharia law in order to restore law and order. I’ve been thru the Minneapolis airport once and I’m not going to fly on Delta ever again since Minneapolis is one of their hubs.

  6. Do the residents have to forfeit their guns too or is there still time to start the revolution??

  7. For fun duckduckgo the city council. What a collection of freaks. The first transgender man of color AND the first transgender woman of color elected to office. Wow….they must be so proud. The rest don’t appear to be too stable either. What happened to my country? A side effect of Corona 19 is mass insanity?


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