Minneapolis Mayor Seeks Federal And State Aid For $55 Million in Damages

Associated Press

Officials in Minneapolis say the looting and property damage that followed the death of George Floyd has caused at least $55 million in destruction.

Vandals damaged or set fire to at least 220 buildings in the city where Floyd died, but that number is expected to go up, city officials said. Mayor Jacob Frey will ask for state and federal aid to help rebuild after the civil unrest. Until that happens, community members are pitching in to support Minneapolis neighborhoods. More

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  1. The answer is not just no.
    It’s HELL NO!!!

    I didn’t sit back and let your leftist goon squad destroy your city. YOU DID.


  2. The mob was encouraged by idiots just like this guy and now they have their hands out for the rest of us to pay.
    They’ll want more when the lawsuits against the police come along too.

  3. I’ll send money out of my own pocket, if you will play Candace Owens’ video, every hour all stations.

  4. Incidentally, mayor is a soy boy born and raised in the swamp, oakton, va, indoctrinated at William and Mary, then sent as a foot soldier of the left to mislead the citizens of Minneapolis.

  5. Hard pass. If your government encourages riots, you all can pick up the tab.

    If you have room to let people destroy, you have room in your budget to cover repairs.

    Eat a dick, Minnesota.

  6. LOL. The left Never, NEVER takes responsibility for its own actions.


    I think that the correct 21st Century term is FOAD!

    Just sayin’.

  7. The Minneapolis riots were a historic event, right? All the politically correct people keep saying so, right? Then the burnt out shells of buildings are historic structures pretty much by definition, right?

    Save all that money, chump. Put them all on the historic preservation register and prohibit alterations and I might kick in a few bucks for some brass commemorative plaques as long as they name names.

  8. instead of letting the perpetrators of the destruction out of jail to do it again, they should have billed them, don’t you think?

  9. $55 million? is that supposed to seem like a researched/legit dollar amount or something

    all these demonrat run cities, with huge deficits on their books, are going to sweep their stolen booty under the rug, beg to get bailed out in the guise of the riot damage and none of the fed/state/local money will ever go to fix anything unless we get some real “hope” and change shit back

    ask yourself, how much money has been allocated for the Louisiana levees and yet they’re always in disrepair

  10. Seeking money from within your own city isn’t good for re-election chances. We know.

  11. Seize the assets of the puppet masters and financiers to rebuild (where nobody wishes to rebuild, by the way)

    Obama, Soros, who knows who provided the infrastructure? That’s what needs to be investigated. Quickly. If there is such a concept in government.

  12. Related, sort of, does anyone know what “credible threats” North Dakota is posing to Minnesota? Or is the deployment of the NG to the border just to keep them away from the chosen ones rioting while guarding against, non existent white supremacists in Fargo?

  13. There was no riot damage and that idiot Mayor who claims there was is a dirty, low-down, filthy, racist and should get down on his knees and grovel for forgiveness from both the Right Reverends Jackson, Sharpton and the black community!

  14. Send the bill to that old rancid commie troll soros since he’s probably the one that funded this bullshit in the first place!

  15. This is the game the democrats like to play. Where were your police officers and did you ask for Federal assistance to stem the riots?? Oh, sorry you didn’t make enough effort to defend your city. Send the bill to the rioters.

  16. What riot? There was no riot.

    I watched the news at a friend’s home and the media assured everyone watching, about every other sentence, that this was a protest and every fourth sentence assured the viewers that what they were seeing is in a time honored traditional happening. Then went on to assure viewers that such protests are in the very makeup of America.

    No money for you.

  17. Hey Jake, Even insurance companies won’t pay for acts of terrorism, dumbass. Who the hell do you think the American taxpayer is, your pet Leprechaun?

  18. $55 million in damages? That’s kind of the reason why you want to stop the animals from destroying property in the first place. Oh, well…better start a Go Fund Me page, eh?

  19. @ED357: “You voted for it……Enjoy the suck.”

    or, as pelosi has said- ’embrace the suck’
    let them eat ice cream

  20. You brake it, you buy it.
    It should be painful, that’s how most people learn not to do stupid. Not sorry about your 35 mile drive to the store now.

  21. Hell no, and the city council is proposing getting rid of the police and going to community policing (i.e. no laws, or at least just sharia law). Then they will have set themselves up for perpetual outside funding for Minneapolis-dishou.

  22. Go to democrat voter registry, divvy up the cost of this disaster, make them pay. They voted for those responsible.

  23. Ok, but with a few conditions: The Mayor must come to the White House to meet with Trump. He must bring plans for how the money will be spent and audited. He will not meet with Pelosi etc before or after.

  24. This is how the revolution will play out. If they rebuild it will be destroyed again so let them sleep in the bed they made.

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