Minneapolis Target burned by rioters now displays mural celebrating arson


The Minneapolis Target store that was looted and burned during last year’s George Floyd riots now displays a mural that appears to celebrate arson.

In late May 2020, rioters damaged over 1,500 Minneapolis buildings, burning 150 of them, including the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct. Among the first to be attacked was a Target store on Lake Street near the Third Precinct that was gutted of its contents and filled with smoke.

Six months after the riots, Target announced that it “rebuilt the stores [one in Minneapolis and one in Atlanta] from the ground up,” reopening them in November 2020. Recently, reporter Michael Tracey highlighted how the rebuilt Minneapolis Target now features a mural that appears to celebrate burning buildings.

One panel of the mural, which reads “we stand together,” shows four protesters standing triumphantly before a blaze. “The figures in the piece symbolize protesters, who could be any of us,” said an artist who worked on the display, per a report from the Minneapolis Community and Technical College. more

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21 Comments on Minneapolis Target burned by rioters now displays mural celebrating arson

  1. And all you idiots who shop at Target helped pay for this. I only hope when the next riot occurs, they burn it again.

  2. Coming soon:

    The my Little Molotov Cocktail kit for youths. $19.95


    Do-It-Yourself Firebombing for Dummies complete with DVD & Quick reference manual & pictures for the illiterate. *Gasoline not included. limit 2 per customer.

  3. Are the shareholders who invest in Target TRULY stupid enough to allow this insanity to continue? You don’t build and operate stores in war zones, you don’t rebuild them in places where they’ve been intentionally destroyed, and you don’t decorate them to celebrate and encourage that destruction.

  4. The article also says that Target is getting away from marketing to suburban white women.

    Bye, bye Target.

  5. My Petey B joined in on the mural fun and spray painted a larger than life version of my unbleached elastic starfish!

  6. Water Tower Place Mall on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago lost the Macy’s anchor store — 7 floors vacated. There is a rumor that Target is looking at the space. Great! Just across the street from Bloomingdales and Gucci. Just down the street from Louis Vuitton. I wonder how long they will stay if that happens. This city is going down fast…maybe in a raze with Minneapolis?

  7. Target has always sucked ass. Only shopped there about four times, as they were a sissified version of Walmart…no fishing equipment, no ammo, no decent tools (back when Walmart did sell decent tools in the 90s). Wish they would fold like they did in Canada.

  8. @Wyatt, Insensitive Progressive Jerk
    MAY 3, 2021 AT 6:52 PM
    “The article also says that Target is getting away from marketing to suburban white women.”

    That’s exactly what happened to Mary Kay Cosmetics.

  9. I only shop at Target when I need to use the bathroom but can’t decide which one.

    As long as I’m making choices there, I wonder if I could choose between small, medium or large Molotov cocktails?

  10. I would not shop at target for any reason whatsoever.
    When they allowed men in the ladies room that did it for me.
    They could not hold a candle to Walmart and they are far more expensive. PISS ON THEM

    I would not

  11. Tony R – Along with the store, I hope they burn Target’s corporate headquarters. Would serve them right! ;^)

  12. For this (and many other reasons) I refuse to shop at Target, even though I have one 5 minutes away. I rather drive cross-town to WalMart instead or some other store. SCREW TARGET!!! :^#

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