Minneapolis Woman Beheaded

Police said it is believed the suspect knew Thayer and the stabbing was not a random act.

A coworker said Thayer worked at the Dollar Tree in Shakopee as well as at MyPillow. They said the victim had been in a long-term relationship with the suspect and domestic abuse had been a consistent problem. 

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  1. Western women are always losing their heads over their Somali boyfriends.

    To quote the prophetic Ann Coulter: “Our new country is gonna be great!”

  2. Working at MyPillow kept her head aligned all night, but during the day, not so much.

    I know, too soon.

  3. “Any bets on the name and race….”

    A white conservative, no doubt. Probably Christian, to boot.

    Or black, and a supporter of Omar.

    Take your pick.

  4. I don’t buy it. Couldn’t be a “peaceful” person.

    I think they should be on the lookout for a short French guy In an 1800’s Generals Hat on horseback with a Guillotine.

  5. “He is being held in the Scott County Jail pending charges.”

    From the article: He is being held in the Scott County Jail pending charges.

    Seems like a real bad dude. Probably hangs out with Corn Pop.

  6. Well I don’t know what’s going on with comments lately here, half my comment is missing and got malformed. Try again:

    “And the killer was let go and did not show up in court.”

    From the article: He is being held in the Scott County Jail pending charges.

    I assume he missed his court date from an assault charge in 2017, or was it burning down his apartment in 2020? It’s not clear.

    Seems like a real bad dude. Probably hangs out with Corn Pop.

  7. For occasions like these, the liberals beheaded the “living” US Constitution so they can imbed sharia into the American landscape. We’ll all get along if we just accept the tenets of the ‘religion of peace’.

    My guess is this beheading happened on a Tuesday, the day allah sleeps obliviously so these interpersonal problems can be worked out with a scimitar.

  8. A bitterly-clinging, Bible-toting, gun-wielding, Constitutionalist, white supremacist?

    Pretty certain it wasn’t a soy boy.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. So authorities arrived on scene and see a head removed from a body and they felt they had to pronounce her dead? Did some genius take a pulse first and then look up to his partners and dec!are, “Yea, she is dead”? When a head is separated from a body no need pronouncement is necessary. Freakin’ MN…

  10. And yes, there is a Video of it.

    “Despite the court’s observation & his defense’s claim that Saborit was mentally ill, he was released on bail. This spring, his conditional release was ordered revoked & a court doc claimed he was a danger to people & community. Judge Richard C. Perkins ordered him released,” the Twitter user said.

  11. Ah yes, the religion of pieces!
    The top piece and the the bottom piece.
    And president Biden welcomed more of this his first day in office!

  12. The news article wouldn’t print the murders name, but they did manage to find out this nugget about Mr. Anonymous:

    “Court records reveal the suspect was convicted on domestic assault charges in 2017 and was currently facing arson charges for allegedly trying to burn his apartment down in 2020.”

  13. Let’s connect the dots: Minneapolis, beheadimg, domestic violence, news won’t name the murderer.
    Nope. I got nothing. Call Columbo.

  14. They are not listing the name and not showing a mugshot of the perpetrator in the linked article, and refer to him as suspect.
    Given the viciousness and the way she was killed, you can safely bet the suspect is a Somali muslim.
    It’s Ilhan Omar’s state, and it is full of them.

  15. Bunch of Somali guys hanging around in Minneapolis.

    …Hey, lets play some soccer.

    …We don’t have a soccer ball.

    Necessity is the mother of invention.

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