Minnesota Dem Who Called Trump a Harasser Now Resigning Over- You Guessed It- Sexual Harassment

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Minnesota Democrat State Senator Dan Schoen

Minnesota Democrat State Senator Dan Schoen has been critical of President Trump and even accused him of being a sex harasser but now Schoen is resigning over harassment accusations against him.

A Republican State Rep named Tony Cornish is also stepping down.

The Star Tribune reports:

State Sen. Dan Schoen, Rep. Tony Cornish both to resign after harassment claims

A pair of Minnesota state lawmakers — one a DFL senator, the other a Republican representative — announced Tuesday that they will resign from office in the wake of sexual harassment allegations.

Word of the resignations of Sen. Dan Schoen and Rep. Tony Cornish came within two hours of each other Tuesday afternoon. It was a stunning sequence of events that vividly demonstrated a new awareness of what many political insiders say has been a long-standing tolerance of mistreatment of women who work at Minnesota’s Capitol. Both men had been under pressure from leaders of their respective parties to resign…  MORE

14 Comments on Minnesota Dem Who Called Trump a Harasser Now Resigning Over- You Guessed It- Sexual Harassment

  1. “He can’t be effective,and he doesn’t want to work in an environment like this.” –his lawyer.

    YEAH, I bet the women didn’t like it too much either.

  2. Kind of a bitch when your shit gets thrown into the street, ain’t it?

    “Hey, Look at Me! Hey, Look at Me! I’m a self-righteous … uhh … maybe not.”

    “Fools’ names and Fools’ faces – always seen in public places.”

    Ha ha ha!

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Just read that a ad state senator, a former next door neighbor named Craig Tieszen drowned while attempting to rescue thus drowning bro in law. Pray for his wife and daughters. He was a very liberal Republican but a very nice man. This happened in new Zealand today

  4. what goes around finally comes around. 🙂 This has been one heck of a year-sex scandals-etc. the cover has been lifted and the closet doors opened. I see the hand of GOD in all these things coming to light- there may still be hope….. 🙂 on this day- give thanks and be grateful you live in this great country.

  5. He probably got a real kick out of trying to embarrass the President. The only thing he hadn’t counted on was the 180º changing course and lodging smacked his azz. Who looks stupid now, are sole!

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