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Minnesota Dems Get to Work Ruining Their State Flag

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Minnesota’s state flag was adopted by the 1957 legislature. There’s an effort at the state Capitol to redesign the flag and state seal.

A proposal, which was discussed Thursday in a Senate committee, would create a redesign commission. Kunesh, the bill’s author, said the seal currently depicts a white settler taking possession of the land while a Native American rides on a horse in the background.

“We are supposed to be proud of our state symbol, and it’s hard to be proud of a seal that seems to say our indigenous people are not wanted in their own state,” Kunesh said. Continues

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  1. Maybe Ilhan Omar can make the flag more Somalia friendly now that she lost her committee assignment….

  2. I remember when Minnesota was a pleasant place to visit and was unquestionably an American state.

    No more. Go this route and join Canada. You won’t be missed. See ya.

  3. Speaking of state flags… Virginia flag shows a guy with a sword standing with his boot on his chest of a prostrate king with his crown nearby.

    Well that’s gotta go. It’s two white guys. It’s sword violence. It’s rejection of overbearing and dictatorial governance.

  4. Minnesota is The North Star State, eh?

    Maybe their new flag should consist of a single star representing the North Star in the center of a blue field. Seems appropriate.

    [walks away snickering]

  5. Minesotans ruined everything else about MN. They might as well get the flag too. At this point, what difference does it make?

  6. TN Tuxedo
    I see what you did there.
    And I agree.

  7. How about a Blonde Norseman, with horns sticking out of a metal battle helmet, on a Purple Background?

  8. “… our indigenous people are not wanted in their own state …”

    Does this stooge know what “indigenous” means?
    The filthy in-bred Somalis infesting MN aren’t indigenous – though all those born in MN ARE!
    If the reference is to the fucking Indians (Arapahoe, Cheyenne, Chippewa, Dakota, whatever), say so!
    And who is doing the “wanting?”
    “… not wanted …” by whom, exactly?

    And no, you dumbass, you’re not supposed to be proud of your state symbol, you’re supposed to be proud of your accomplishments, and take comfort from the fact that your state symbol symbolizes something about the state.
    A changed symbol is meaningless – it only symbolizes something to the maggots who changed the original due to their hatred and racism – it symbolizes nothing to the general population who loved their original symbol.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. PH Henry: it is a female figure on the VA flag, the Roman goddess Virtus. Also, the MN flag shows a white man toiling in the field to sustain his own life. He isnt lined up at the Native American welfare stand demanding free food, housing,and education for him and his kids.

  10. ..I sure wish I had nothing better to do than worry about what may or may not be on a flag no one ever looks at all day…

  11. gee, I always assumed that a ‘Native American’ Plantation owner (on a horse) watching the white ‘indentured servant’ plow the owner’s land

    funny how one interprets things … ain’t it?
    depends on one’s political ‘score card’, I guess

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