Minnesota: Domestic Abuse Allegations Taking Toll In Keith Ellison’s Race

Daily Caller: Accusations of domestic abuse appear to be taking their toll on Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison and his quest to become the next state attorney general.

As the New York Times notes, Ellison seemed to be a picture-perfect candidate in a progressive, blue state, especially since he served as the leader of the Democratic National Committee. But that was before ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan began accusing him of abuse. Monahan claims that Ellison pulled her from her bed while verbally abusing her. She has also pointed to a 2017 medical report in which she blames Ellison for “emotional and physical abuse.”

Recent polling indicates that Ellison is now in a tight race with Republican opponent Doug Wardlow, a lawyer with a low political profile. A Minnesota Tribune poll indicates Ellison is narrowly ahead, while a second shows the two tied. The latter survey indicates that 40 percent of respondents are aware of the domestic abuse allegations and say they will be “a factor” in their decision on whether or not to support Ellison.  read more

7 Comments on Minnesota: Domestic Abuse Allegations Taking Toll In Keith Ellison’s Race

  1. since its him, i believe her. and it’s not like this was just revealed, this has been going on for months, and she has nothing to gain from it. plus he’s a democrat, that’s just they way they seem to roll.

  2. His ties to Louis Farrakhan and to the Muslim Brotherhood should have been enough to disqualify this scum bag from any political office!
    We put up with bad sports teams and long cold winters in Minnesota. We shouldn’t have to suffer crappy politicians too.

  3. “40% of the electorate is aware of the beatings”… Again, thats why we call the media criminals enemies of the people. 100% of the people in Equatorial Gineau and Burkina Faso have heard about the fabricated lies about Judge Kavanaugh, and “grab her by the pussy” but only 40% of Minnesota has heard that Ellison has busted the eye sockets and knocked out the teeth of his girlfriends. I hope to see the day Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper are hung from a lamp post.

  4. I think this would make a much better headline.

    Minnesota: Keith Ellison‘s race taking a toll on his domestic abuse allegations.


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