Minnesota Governor Walz is here to do 2 things during the coronavirus: shut down churches and kill grandmas

“Hey Walz, how many grandmas did you kill today?”

FrontPage: And he won’t stop. The mere fact that 81% of coronavirus deaths in Minnesota have occurred in nursing homes won’t even slow his grandma-killing administration down. Anyone with a conscience would stop, good thing Walz is a real lefty.

Despite the devastating death toll, Minnesota nursing homes are still being allowed by state regulators to admit coronavirus patients who have been discharged from hospitals.

Early in the pandemic, the Minnesota Department of Health turned to nursing homes and other long-term care facilities to relieve the burden on hospitals that were at risk of being overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients. Minnesota hospitals have since discharged dozens of infected patients to nursing homes, including facilities that have undergone large and deadly outbreaks of the disease, state records show.

Hospitals were never overwhelmed. This lockdown fetish killed horrifying numbers of seniors instead. read more

17 Comments on Minnesota Governor Walz is here to do 2 things during the coronavirus: shut down churches and kill grandmas

  1. This is being done on purpose, Satan’s purpose. I wouldn’t want to be you Govenor on judgement day. 🥵🔥

  2. If they kill all the seniors in nursing homes, how are the democrats going to “vote harvest” in November?

  3. I’m here to close churches and kill grandmas. And I’m all out of grandmas.

  4. These assholes are so busy trying to ruin us and blame it on DJT that they are now criminally insane.
    I have not read or heard anyone covering the political damage these Socialist clowns are doing to their statist Democrat Party that is rapidly becoming the target of scorn and hate by multitudes of people with dead, nursing home relatives and destroyed livelihoods.
    I think November will see the final destruction of that evil party of baby murderers.

  5. They’ve been very clear about their need to kill the elderly and those they deem undesirable so I don’t understand the surprise when it starts happening. Voting democrat = voting death

  6. It is past time that we the people deemed that elected officials that go outside their constitutionally mandated duties are no longer elected officials and are in fact criminals!
    Violation of their oath of office is a serious criminal offense! There is no exceptions to the simple and blunt words written in the Constitution and not even the Supreme Court can judge otherwise! If they do they are also in conflict with the oath and directions of their office and consequently can on longer hold that office! Time for peoples courts!

  7. @Time to judge the miscreants May 23, 2020 at 3:44 pm

    > Time for peoples courts!

    Roll of my couch? To preserve the system that brought me here? Brought us, all, here? By design?

    I’ll get right on that. Right. On. That.

  8. I haven’t seen a single word or picture about how the Muslims are handling the edicts of shutdown during Ramadan. Guess the mosques are closed and they are practicing social distancing without qualm.

  9. The fascists in the US are organized. Their goal: kill Christianity, kill older tranditionalist voters and train the populace to accept martial law.

    It’s war time, gang.

  10. Dead people vote DOZENS of times. You’re lucky to get a half-dozen votes out of a LIVE democrap. 🙄


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