Miracle Cat Survives 2 Months Trapped in Futon – IOTW Report

Miracle Cat Survives 2 Months Trapped in Futon

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  1. Wow.
    When we moved and were putting things away my cat jumped in the fridge and got shut in by accident. We kept hearing the mewing but could not find her. At last resort and only possible place in vicinity we opened the fridge and out she popped looking a little annoyed but smug.
    Some cheese was missing.

  2. Two months without food, water or fresh air. Unbelievable.
    It’s only slightly less believable that it took two months to make that 3,000-mile move. Really slow truck? You can drive coast to coast under the speed limit in a week.

  3. That’s wonderful. What scares me is if I die and am lying in bed for a week and no one finds me, will my 3 indoor cats eat on me with no Fancy Feast around?

  4. And the answer to that is yes. Yes they will. It’s happened many times before. But it works the other way too. If you had no other food source, eventually you’d eat the cats. That’s just the way Nature works.

    That reminds me…it’s almost time for lunch.

    : D

  5. Survival stories always have a hero, too. Before, we had Mattress Girl. Now we have Futon Pussy.


  6. Moved back to Arizona from Florida seven years ago. The night before the move (in August), our cat came up missing. My daughters were in tears as we made one last look around the neighborhood prior to leaving. No luck, so off we went. We arrived 3 days later, but the moving truck took eight. While the men were unloading the truck, one of them came up with the cat and asked if she was ours. It had hidden in the front of the trailer and ridden there for the entire time through the southern states on I-10. Again, in August. That trailer had to be 150 degrees inside during the day. No water. In spite of that, she seemingly was no worse for the wear. I got her some water and she drank for perhaps 10-15 seconds and went about her business like nothing had happened.

    She came up missing maybe two years ago; I suspect a meal for coyote, owl, hawk or eagle. Cats usually don’t last long out here. She hung around for 5. Even now, it would not surprise me if she showed up at the door.

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