Mirage Asked Ventriloquist Terry Fator to Cut Trump Puppet From His Act Over ‘Nastier’ Political Climate


Ventriloquist Terry Fator has found enormous success since he won “America’s Got Talent” back in 2007, and has had a headlining Vegas show at the Mirage for 11 years. In all that time he’s never been asked to change his act in any way, until now. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Mirage has asked him to cut the Trump puppet from his routine.

“It was kind of one of those things where the Mirage came to me, and they have never told me what to do, ever. But they asked politely, and when they ask politely, I do it,” Fator told the Review-Journal. “We have a good relationship. It’s a give and take. I’m not a diva. I’m not going to go off and say, ‘Screw you’ when they ask me to do something. But they said, ‘This political season is very, very, very rough and it’s going to get nastier. Would you mind?’ I said, ‘Fine, I’ll do it.’”

The Trump puppet has been a part of his routine for over three years. Here’s a clip from the routine from just under a month after Trump took office. MORE

11 Comments on Mirage Asked Ventriloquist Terry Fator to Cut Trump Puppet From His Act Over ‘Nastier’ Political Climate

  1. That’s it? THREE MINUTES?!?!?!? The Mirage is worried about THREE STINKING MINUTES?!?!?

    like you said, maybe the act has evolved and the bit is longer. If not, YIKES how thin skinned we have gotten.

  2. The Mirage pays his salary so the Mirage gets to call the tune. If they were fearful of some sort of left backlash because it wasn’t mean enough it’s a shame but we’ve seen a lot of other companies fold as well. I watched the clip and didn’t think it was either positive or negative on Trump, it didn’t strike me as funny. Besides, at any point the artist if he felt strongly about it could have refused to cut the act and accept the whatever the consequences were.

  3. Sorry, I thought it was as funny as a stroke in a shopping mall. I would not walk across the street to see this act, let alone drive four hours and pay to see it.


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