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Miss a tax payment, lose your house

John Stossel

Did you know that in some states, if you miss one tax payment, local politicians will take your home, sell it and keep all the profits?


Tawanda Hall was behind on her taxes. She was on a payment plan but had missed $900. She didn’t expect Southfield, Michigan, to take her entire house because of that. It was worth $286,000 more than what she owed.

“I’m still in shock,” says Tawanda Hall in my new video. “They took my whole house, my whole family’s livelihood.”

John Bursch, a lawyer for the county, says while this practice may sound unfair (yes, it sure does), “It’s also unfair to force those who pay their taxes to subsidize those who don’t.”

“I pay taxes!” Hall responds. She works as a nursing assistant. “I lift people. I bathe people. I work hard.”

When Hall found out she was going to lose her home, she tried to pay off the debt.

“I went to the mayor’s office, I went down to the city county building,” she says. “They didn’t want our money. They said no.”

They wanted her house. more

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  1. Well, it’s Michigan. I’m surprised someone would still want a house there. I live in Florida and it seems the majority of their population has already moved here. Now’s your chance Tawanda!

  2. If they steal your home over $8.oo, take what you need and burn the remainder along with the house to the ground. Move out of state,change your name and try to start anew…they can sell the empty lot.

  3. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    I’ve made up my mind for some time that if the “gooberment” (or any other entity) were to seize my home and property for any reason (taxes, eminent domain, whatever), then I would move out what I could, then burn the house to the ground, and “salt the earth” (weed killers, gasoline, other toxins).
    After all, what do I care? It’s no longer my property to care about.
    And if I’m jailed for the destruction, again, what do I care? I’m housed, fed, and taken care of…….just like the DildoCrats want.

  4. I see a new bill in the house and senate, once they catch wind of this.
    Don’t file your taxes on time, we take your stuff.
    Just Dems being liars, cheats, & thieves.
    Oh, and 10% for the big guy.

  5. They’ve already told us and as clear as it could possibly be that we will own nothing and be happy about it. Taking our stuff is the plan.

    It does raise some questions, at least for me.

    Will we all have equal “stuff”?
    Somebody has to have ownership. Who will that be? What entity?

  6. One year I accidently scheduled my property tax payment twice. I didn’t catch the error until after 2x the bill was taken from my account. Had to get notarized affidavit explaining the overpayment and the whole process took a good 5 months to get my money back. But had I missed a payment it would take less than 5 months to throw my ass to the curb, that’s for sure. It all made me want to demand an affidavit from the county explaining why they need the money so bad before I paid next time. lol, they’d have me out of the house in a snap. Tax is theft!

    Few years ago a referendum went through for the high school, raised our taxes a few hundred. This year a referendum is coming down the pipe for the grade school, that already takes 43% of the property tax. They claim without it they can’t update the HVAC system and the kids will breath toxic air! WTF do they do with all they money they already get, and then threaten us with kids breathing toxins. The nerve of these people has no bounds. Last I looked opening a window is free. Between the 2 schools, we will pay $700 more per year for their stupid referendums. And it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t pass, they will have it back on the ballot in a couple months, over and over, until it gets passed, and it WILL get passed thru voter fatigue. THEFT!

  7. Get back to us, when you’re willing to take the “money” you’d give the foreigners that rule over you, to your neighbors who are killing the foreigner’s that rule over you.

    Yes. We know. The foreigners label them “terrorists”. And “pedophiles.” Oops! Sorry. They’re no longer pedophiles. But! On the bright side! They are still not who we! (“your” foreign lordesses) are!

    You’d rather pay them to whup (not viking) you? Yeah. That’s whut we thought.

  8. Your dreaming if you think you own your house/home. I just got reassessed and it’s now worth 100,000 (NY) more than a year ago. If they need money they just raise the value. And our so called representatives just look the other way and make up excuses that they can’t do anything about it. Taxation with zero representation scam.

  9. A caring government… but that’s an oxymoron.
    Absolutely the governments need to be able to place liens on property for uncollected debt. However, it would be easy to create a set of rules that ensured it was a very last resort, after interventions and assistance. Many governments are set up exactly the opposite, with the intent of grabbing all they can.

  10. 40K IN 30 YEARS here at my .22 acre chicken shack.
    I got alot for my tax money. 65 year old rotting leaking
    sewer system.65 year old dirty old rotting water system.Streets that will break your car suspension and very little police protection with 122% more crime than any other 15k Pop. town in America…..

  11. Here’s another finger in the pie theft that goes on. My mother had a reverse3 mortgage on her home. She didn’t need it, she just didn’t like being real estate rich. She banked the money she got, didn’t spend it. When my mother passed, the mortgage company, the day after she died, started foreclosure proceedings oh her house. That was how the contract was written. I had to scramble and get the house on the market. I beat them at their game and had the house sold exactly 60 days after her death. They got zilch. I also paid the property taxes so they couldn’t go after her that way. I was ready for *uckers.

  12. @Left Coast Dan May 5, 2022 at 11:37 am

    > Absolutely the governments need to be able to place liens on property for uncollected debt.


    Not because I don’t understand the “claim”. I’m offering the chance to wave this “My body, my choice” wizardry “away”?

  13. The civil forfeiture scam is another way the govt will rob you. If you want your stuff back, be prepared for an expensive and time consuming legal battle.

  14. You have 2 choices.. Burn the house down.. OR KILL THE POLITICANS who think its ok to Steal from Americans!

  15. Go get your projectile device and eject something at someone. Express your sorrow as well.

  16. The awful deed is the work of the RACE SUPREMACIST JOE BIDEN, the very same withered slob who doesn’t pay taxes, doesn’t report (underhanded) income, molests children, raped his own daughter, and committed widespread criminalities including using the IRS as his personal hitmen. Obama did the same.


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