Miss America of the 80s

The winner for the decade of the 70s was 1975. See contest HERE

Update: We erroneously put 77 as the winner. It was 75. (I actually voted for 1975.)

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Vote for the most beautiful Miss America of the 80s by thumbing their year up in the comments.


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  1. I think the numbers you posted were wrong for the ladies thtat were represented either way I voted for 1957 and I like to see her tit’s now…..you promised me in your campaigne..

  2. I don’t like any of them. Miss 1977 is still the girl I’d like to go skinny dipping with.

    Miss 1982, Elizabeth Ward, was a local sweetheart at Arkansas Tech. That is, until she had an affair with Bill Clinton. I can’t picture her without thinking about Bill’s cigar in her mouth. Barf!
    Good luck getting votes now Beth. lol

    I’m going with the girl who called Ted Kennedy a hostile enemy, Gretchen Carlson miss 1989, even though she’s not my type. I could vote for any of them. Maybe 1981????

    77 beats them all.!

  3. 81 all the way. 88 is bias with better pixel quality. Look past the quality of the photo, don’t be so shallow.

  4. Something fishy, google 1983 miss america and it comes up Vanessa. Google 1982 Miss america and it isn’t the one shown as 1983. I am so confused. 1983 looks like Sasha Alexander

  5. I’ll tell you what….grabbing humanism out of a randomly typed message is hard to do….it could take months if not years, but you are one funny, caustic…..MF’er…..LOL….good to have met ya….

  6. I’m predicting ’84 as the winner.

    Vanessa is not only beautiful, she has the best photographer and post-editing of the bunch.

    The other photos look like they’re right off a Kodak Instamatic.

    1975 was my second place pick of the 70s. Very pretty but she looks kind of Valuim-ed out like a Stepford wife – which would make her easier to hook up with back then. So there’s that. Just sayin’.

    As for my pick? I use one measure: Who would I like to see at my side every day.

    They all look too high maintenance in these pics ( Plastic-y) and not worth the effort. I would have to meet them to really choose between this group.

    Vanessa looks the hottest, to me in this 2D contest, though.

  7. I’m voting for 1987 – she is not only very good-looking, there’s something about her expression that suggests that she has a good attitude about herself and is having fun with it all. I find that extremely appealing!

  8. Just took a second look at the pictures and realized that the blow dryer is an enemy of beauty. Not a single one of these gals has anything other than an insanely overworked hairstyle. I’d like to see a second set of pictures with chignons, bobs, French twists, etc., not this crazy “helmet hair.”

  9. I met Vanessa Williams (1984) when I escorted her onstage at the New York State Fair. The picture shown here does not do her justice. She was stunningly beautiful. Literally, I could barely talk. Had a huge crush on her ever since.

  10. It’s uncanny. I’ve resorted myself to voting before checking the tally and both times my first and second picks were the ones leading.

    Gosh. Is this my nascent white privilege I’ve read so much about?

  11. Did you see that the organization made an apology to her during the show for treating her so bad? They said she has lived her life with dignity and grace and they regret their actions.

  12. OK…he wouldn’t bite…..somehow I missed the truce……but the answer is “Yeah, But did she see you naked?”…..thank you….thank you very much….

  13. The silicon chip inside her head
    Gets switched to overload.
    And nobody’s gonna go to school today,
    She’s going to make them stay at home.
    And daddy doesn’t understand her,
    He always said she was as good as gold.
    And he can see no reasons
    ‘Cause there are no reasons
    What reason do you need to be shown?

    I don’t like Gretchen.

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