Miss America Org. Revolts Against Gretchen Carlson After Nixing Bikini Competition

Breitbart- A rift has developed behind the scenes of the Miss America Organization, stemming in large part from the group’s controversial decision to end the swimsuit competition.

Four members of the pageant’s board — including two former Miss Americas and two state titleholders — decided to resign after brief stints on the job. However, exactly why the four women decided to leave the board has become a point of contention.  read more

15 Comments on Miss America Org. Revolts Against Gretchen Carlson After Nixing Bikini Competition

  1. Gretchen Carlson is an idiot. A frustrated has-been looking for another chance at the spotlight. She decided on a “women’s issues” attack on a traditional forum to make a loud statement. This was done to promote her and for no other reason. What a jackass.

  2. “Nixing Bikini Competition”

    excuse me, but wasn’t that the only reason to watch this spectacle ?

  3. Swimsuit competition aside, if they can’t understand that accepting gender-confused entrants will end the entire shebang, then they deserved to be buggy-whipped.

  4. Gender-confusion is only the beginning. Next will be the morbidly obese entrants of undetermined sex. I have no idea what they will call it, then.

    Fortunately, the pendulum of mass insanity tends to swing back, eventually, although perhaps not in our lifetimes…?….Lady in Red

  5. Well, If you’re going to allow women to compete, then you’ve got to let them participate in making the rules. Because… um… fairness… and stuff. And, if you’re going to allow women to participate in making the rules, then you’ve got to let them rule, because… uh… fairness… and stuff. Yada, yada, yada… ka-ching.

  6. Now that we’re discussing this, it’s not FAIR that one woman wins because it tells the others that they’re not winners.
    Tiaras and sashes for all, I say, empower the homily, the talentless, the unmotivated, and the overweight…. we’re all beautiful inside. Even the deplorables.

  7. If this is the new standard then men should be able run for Miss America.

    Except that there is a Mr. America contest that is strictly bodybuilding.

    So as long as you can juggle, practice ventriloquism or play Yankee Doodle on the clarinet then you’re qualified to win even if you’re a two bagger butterface.

  8. In 10 years, the only people involved in the Miss America Pageant will be in the one of the following groups:

    1. All contestants will be transgender men.

    2. All viewers will be other transgender men and the perverts who like to sleep with transgender men.

    3. The press’s only interest in the contest will be to write stories about what bad people normal heterosexual men are for not being attracted to mentally ill faggots who cut their dicks off and pretend to be women.

  9. As always before: SKIN TO WIN. Otherwise, Miss Fugly Brainiac would represent American women and that ain’t right.


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