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miss him?

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  1. @joe I’m hoping he’s got something tucked away on Fauci and The Scarf Queen that he can pivot and point the blame to them. Trump was the facilitator to their evil plans thinking that he was helping people. DeSantis should have a talk with him! 😂

  2. Illustr8r, either that or Trump should hand things off to DeSantis and work as a team and partners to derail the evil democrats and uniparty! We don’t have many chances left.

  3. The rocket surgeon that allowed Ivanka & Posse on the White House grounds, even with a tour ticket?

    Yeah… um… ah… no.

  4. If Trump runs only idiots like Chris Cristie will challenge him.
    DeSantis may not run even if Trump doesn’t.
    He may do his two terms as Florida gov and then become Senator DeSantis form Florida.
    Why go through that president mess?
    Can a fair national election even take place any more in the USA?
    Ron-D would be the next Ronald Reagan but the bullshit may not be worth it to him and his family.
    I would not blame him.

  5. Either the guy is a fucking idiot or he is hell bent on increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death by arming terrorist regimes or he is both stupid and wicked & evil. Being wicked and motivated by evil intent is a feature of followers of the progressive movement, which he demonstrably is, and he is demonstrably a fucking idiot’s idiot.

  6. “Trump was the facilitator to their evil plans thinking that he was helping people” -Illustr8r

    And he’s STILL in the dark about the timeline of COVID genetic engineering with the concomitant mRNA vaccine development WHILE he was President?? And BOTH acting now as planet-wide bio weapons and psy-ops warfare against Western nations?

    And now, while “his vaccine” is killing/maiming people, he’s STILL bragging about it?

    Give me a John Stossel fricken break.

    (No offense, Illustr8r, but I want to lecture the man every time he starts spewing that nonsense.)

  7. And. Yet. He. Did. Not. Fire. Him. Trump hired all these losers and now cries about it after the fact. I hope DeSantis runs.

  8. There’s a difference between idiocy and Treason.
    Milley’s NOT an idiot! Fuckin or otherwise. He IS, however, a Traitor – plain and simple.
    The idea was to arm the enemies of civilization – not to “save” money.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. That doesn’t say much for Trump’s hiring skills since he’s the fucking idiot who picked the fucking idiot.

    As a side note, whenever I see a Benny Johnson video, the first question to pop in my head is, “I wonder who Benny stole that from?” He’s a notorious content thief.

  10. Trump thought he had good advisors on hiring. Obviously not.
    He talked about how he was going to fire Fauxci after he was reelected. What happened showed the swamp is deeper and muckier and more evil than anyone outside DC really knew.

    If Trump is elected in ’24 he’ll know better. Hopefully he kicks all the traitorous b**tards to the curb.
    As for his mistakes, everyone makes them. And Trump wasn’t a puppet of Obama/ Soros & co.

  11. I think 2022 will be the year that the entire world will miss a strong United States with a strong leader! China and Russia know that their window of opportunity will only last as long as democRATz have the upper hand which will end in the beginning of 2023.

  12. @joe6pak: There were a few things about Trump when the pandemic hit that any decision he made IMHO wasn’t going to be the right decision. He jumped on it too quick, too much trust and no verification. What frosted me the most was him putting into place no law suits if you wind up dead or disabled from the jab. That feature still stands, yet look at all the carnage the jab left people. Joe tried to take the credit early in his office, then quickly saw the backlash and gave the honor back to Trump. With that being said, I think if Trump were still in office, he would have changed it all around now that we know more about this planned world epidemic. Maybe crazy had to be shown so the next leader will act accordingly. To be honest, even if the Republicans win in 2022, we may have already reached the point of no return.

  13. I know a guy that’s a lieutenant in the army,one of his guys lost a dummy claymore and they made him pay for it. Yet here we are leaving 85 billion dollars worth of equipment in Afghanistan. We know our enemies are dissecting that equipment to use the technology against us later.
    That kind of stuff does not end up on the junk pile, we strip the important stuff out when they’re done with it so that doesn’t happen.
    A firing squad comes to mind.

  14. Not sure Trump should run. He might be much more effective as king maker and running shit from the shadows. But make no mistake, we need him calling the shots on the economy and trade.

  15. Yes I miss him, terribly.
    Even though he made mistakes, he was and is a breath of fresh air!
    No Nancy Pelosi/Joe Biden dementia-tainted rantings and gobbledegook.
    No Alec Baldwin lying/acting misdirection and pity-party.
    No zi/zem/zir/e/em/er/xe/xem/xyr/ad nauseam gender pronouns.

  16. The immunity from being sued does not impress me as binding due to a few major problems. 1) The pharmaceutical companies colluding with government officials to pass on misinformation to the public 2) The pharmaceutical companies covering up side effects 3) The collusion between the pharmaceutical companies, government and tech companies to prevent the public from having sufficient information to make an informed decision 4) There are too many players involved to keep the collusion secret 5) Once the pharmaceutical companies, government and the tech companies colluded in an effort to bully and shame the population into taking the shots it was no longer a free choice to participate, or not 6) Government and the pharmaceutical companies colluded in an effort to require or mandate the shots

    I could go on ad infinitum, but you get the drift. Had Big Pharma stayed in their lane and totally out of anything other than development, production and distribution of the “vaccines” they would have been safe. What is going to bankrupt them is that they knew the risks and actively colluded with others to hide them from the public. There is precedent for that behavior being a basis for opening them up to liability. Had the risks been fully disclosed and the public given information to make a free choice to take the shot or not, with no pressure either way they would be safe. Both the pharmaceuticals and government usurped responsibility and liability will follow and Big Tech will also own part of that liability.

  17. The most Transparent & Direct President I have ever heard.

    Time For another T-Shirt: “He Was A Fuckin Idiot” with a pic of Miley.

  18. Don’t we all make mistakes? 🤔

    Anybody who runs for President is not perfect even Trump.

    Yes we miss him, even his tweets. 😬

    MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


  19. @ Anonymous DECEMBER 5, 2021 AT 2:42 AM

    You are so much in your own little world that no one in the real world has a clue as to your message.

    The gist of you being a cowardly a-hole come through clear, though.

  20. Has Anonymous ever, one time, posted anything substantive?

    If you have ever witnessed someone under a great deal of stress because everything they have worked for is collapsing, we have all seen this kind of irrational and nonsensical outburst. The best thing to do is what we have been doing, ignore it.

  21. Trump was a YUGE disappointment. Not once in his presidency did “The Donald” bring someone like Milley or Fauci in front of the cameras and say, “You’re fired.” As they say, he had one job. And yet Trump failed to flush even an eyedropper worth of the swamp.

  22. I think Donald Trump was and would be a great president. I also think he was and is not a great politician. The big reason I voted for him was because he was a successful business man and not a politician so not being a great politician wasn’t an issue for me. A Washington outsider who knew how to get things done. He ended up having among his supporters a very endearing quality about him, his show of patriotism, his support for all Americans and effective communication skills amongst other things. Now he is doing a great service to America by supporting candidates around the country who hopefully will put America first as he did. I’m concerned that the left has too much to discredit Trump with even if it is fake, and swing voters may not go for him. Yes I miss him, yes I wish the left hadn’t stolen his second term, yes I would vote for him again.

  23. Nobody will be able to pull the American people out of the hole we are in except him. Whine about his vaccine position all you want but it’s the truth.

  24. Hambone, I’m not sure I’m seeing backstabbers as much as I’m seeing honest criticism. As much as I admire the guy his presidential performance was not flawless. Sure, he is an outsider that had 98% of DC trying to sabotage him, and he did manage to get a lot done despite that, but damn, I sure would be happier if he wasn’t out there trying to take credit for the jabs!

  25. Trump got the “vaccine” fast tracked and has publicly encouraged getting the vaccine. You’re all forgetting that Trump is NOT FORCING the jab on ANYONE! He’s for FREE CHOICE. That’s a WIN/WIN.


  26. Whatever Trump’s faults, he was no fascist like the media and leftists in general claim. Just a couple of days ago CNN had a story with a title something like “Can America Avoid Fascism” – supposedly which will happen if Trump wins the 2024 election or some other conservative does.

    Stories like that appeal to ignorant and extremely fearful leftists. Then crooked (mouth included) Brian Williams interviewed 60’s era liberal writer Doris Kearns Goodwin who says every vote must be counted in the next elections, her meaning is that anyone who shows up at a voting booth regardless of being authorized, should be allowed to vote. She also clearly criticized state officials, as in Arizona, who she says are trying to overthrow a legitimate election result.

    So, her contention that every vote should count is different from my interpretation, and probably most of us here. It’s about what we would expect from an idiot liberal writer.

  27. President Trump received the MOST VOTES EVER for a sitting President. 10 million MORE than Obama’s best run.

    After 2 SHAM Impeachments, a DemPanic (pandemic) and a rigged election they finally got our BEST President out of office.
    Poopy Pants had the election stolen for him.
    And now we pay 4.00 gas and the shelves are emptying.

  28. I miss the whole family. Classy people; well-raised kids.
    A far cry from the bidet bunch; classless, venal, petty, and just plain fucking mean-spirited.

  29. If he is on the republican ticket he will win! And I will vote for him, proudly! However, he needs to somehow get his appointees from outside the swamp, and outside of the existing military industrial complex. No doubt easier said than done.

  30. ^^^Ditto. No doubt the most effective President we’ve ever had. However the fact he never fired the likes of Fauci or Milley is troublesome.


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