CORRECTION: Ms. Nevada says Ms. America pageant told her to scrub conservative social media views or she’s out

We’ve updated this post because Katie Jo Williams was a participant in the MS. America pageant, not MISS America.

Ms. America is not affiliated with the honorific Miss Nevada Scholarship Organization or Miss America Organization which has been supporting women’s scholastic pursuits for 98 years. We regret this error.

Looks like she’s out.

POPULAR MILITARY -An Army National Guardsman and combat veteran was stripped of her “Ms. Nevada State 2019” title due to her conservative viewpoints, and she’s more than willing to let everyone know.

Sergeant First Class Katie Jo Williams, a member of the Nevada Army National Guard, was reportedly accused of being too political by the Miss America pageant, and was asked to wipe her Facebook page.

Williams’ Facebook account is littered with political posts, which are largely conservative in nature. When she asked what specific posts she needed to remove in order to stay in the running, she never received an answer.

“The pageant’s actually this Saturday,” she said in the video she posted to Instagram Monday night. “So, that means everything’s been paid for. Everything’s been done. All the sponsor money has been collected, and now I don’t get to compete.”

Williams was ordered to surrender her crown and sash, and to never again speak of the pageant. She has refused to do so.

“I am so tired of being labeled as this crazy, right wing, whatever you want to call it,” she said. “I just don’t understand how you could censor someone with conservative values when I’m not even really saying anything that’s bad.”


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  1. As far as I’m concerned, refusing to bow to the anti-Trump crowd and scrub her posts absolutely qualifies her to be Miss America.

    Her other attributes help out as well.

  2. Bravo for calling the pricks out. Her dignity means more to her than the pageant.

    Probably would have lost to a tranny anyway

  3. Your principles are everything.
    No one can take them away from you.
    They are yours to keep or surrender.
    You made a First Class choice Katie Jo!
    It’s the kind Leaders make, not followers!

  4. I hope some lawyer offers her assistance pro bono;
    I highly doubt such a “requirement”
    (nudge nudge wink wink)
    ever existed in writing…
    though it *could* be they CYA’d with some “and any other demands” clause.

    But WORTH IT, just to give them bad publicity!

  5. In order to be in the Miss America pageant you can’t be a patriotic American but you can artificially blow your boobs up to size 44D!

  6. I’ve met her. I coordinate an annual event in my community that brings people in from all over the west. She competed in this physically demanding event and was spectacular. She didn’t win, but she was definitely in the money and tough as nails! We talked for awhile when she arrived and she told me she was considering running for Congress against Steven Horsford (or Horse’s Ass, as I call him). This is just sickening.

  7. Its not the Miss America pageant but some random also ran pageant which interestingly enough, also contains the following “terribly intolerant” rules.

    “Contestant must be a naturally born, genetic female.”

    “Contestant is a citizen or legal resident of the United States and must speak English.”

  8. I hope the young woman gets some Shark Lawyers and takes these bastards to court. I also hope she got them on tape threatening her constitutional rights. I wonder where the ACLU is? Aren’t they the ones who protect citizens rights? Maybe it’s just when it’s convenient and matches their political agenda. Perhaps it’s time their tax status was revisited. I know that sounds like something the left would, and did, do but in cases like this it when a group claiming tax benefits simply does not act with an even hand that something must be done.

  9. I was in Omak for Stampede week, I will spend almost a week each at a couple of the 10 largest rodeos in the country in the next month and and am never subjected to any of that anti-American horseshit while hanging out with real Americans.

  10. The only positive here is that the giardiasis infected used asswipes who constitute the left make themselves easier to identify EVERY hour of EVERY day.

  11. Gone the way of many of our institutions. Forget about it, it’s in the dumpster with the Boy Scouts and the Oscars.

  12. ” When she asked what specific posts she needed to remove in order to stay in the running, she never received an answer. ”

    THAT’s how you know you’re screwed. lol.

  13. And to think it all began, not long ago, with the simple message of “Tolerance.”

    What we have now is “Forced Tolerance,” otherwise known as Compliance.

  14. So the left thinks you can be anyone you like as long as you wear a social mask and hide the truth as to who you were or are. Can she scrub her history and after she’s in, restore it??? Is that okay?? Isn’t that what they do??

  15. She has a good heart and smart, but she needs to accept the fact, the left is insane. They cannot be reasoned with under any circumstances. Definitely she should sue those progressive pageant morons. “Ms.” (Mzz) America sounds feminitwit anyway. Not worthy of her participation. Glad she’s standing her ground and honorably serving her country.


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