Miss Universe: Catriona Gray, 24, from Philippines

FOX: On Sunday, Gray, 24, bested contestants from 93 other countries to capture the Miss Universe crown.

The first runner-up was Tamaryn Green of South Africa and the third-place finisher was Sthefany Gutierrez of Venezuela.

Gray succeeds last year’s winner, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa.

The theme of the 67th Miss Universe pageant was “Empowered Women” and was judged by seven women including former pageant winners, businesswomen, and a fashion designer.

The emcee for Sunday evening’s festivities was comedian and game show host Steve Harvey.  more here


14 Comments on Miss Universe: Catriona Gray, 24, from Philippines

  1. It’s 2018, and Mankind hasn’t been to the moon in 44 years, our best engineers make video games, and I’m relieved that Miss Universe doesn’t have a dick… at least this year.

    No, I don’t think Mankind has wasted its potential on moronic bullshit… not at all… nope… uh-uh… Nosireebob.


    Heterosexuality’s standards win again today. They couldn’t find a way to make it “inclusive” with every misfit kook-ball on planet earth to foul it all up and ruin our fun.

  3. Saw 2 minutes of it.
    Miss Universe? More like Miss Third World judging from the finalists.

    The oriental contestants all had had eye surgery Cultural appropriation much?

  4. It was over for the contest once they allowed a male suffering from gender dysphoria to compete. Next year they will be shamed into selecting a one, and like all things the Left touches, it will turn to shit and fade away.

    I think that was the plan anyways. A twofer for gay rights and Feminism.

  5. Some of you guys need to get your gaydar serviced. That there’s a man.

    lol… Miss Universe is a dude.. Hahahahaha…


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