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Missing Breitbart

Never before seen footage from Hating Breitbart-

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  1. Has anyone ever looked into the circumstances of his death?

    I ask because I have read many who believe his death was not so natural…and if that is the case, is there anyone who is actively pursuing it?

  2. Yes, missing Breitbart.

    Both Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings were ready to announce unfavorable news about Obama. Both met untimely deaths. Coincidence? We will probably never know.

  3. Remember before 9/11 how bin Laden knew we would turn to the Northern Alliance to come after him, so he sent in a couple suicide bombers posing as journalists to kill Massoud. He went after his main threat in Afghanistan.

    I always think of that when I think of Andrew’s death-losing him was a real bitch. He was fearless-I remember hearing the news in my truck and and getting misty eyed upset.

    The fact the LA coroner responsible for Andrew’s autopsy died mysteriously shortly after only added fuel to the fire.

    BTW, Missing Breitbart is excellent.

  4. He was our canary in the coal mine, Woodward and Bernstein, Thomas Paine and Red Skelton.

    I do miss him.

  5. MM – It wasn’t the coroner, but an assistant. Still odd enough to not merit coincidence.

    The fact that he was bright red when he died tells you all you need to know. Cyanide.

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