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Mission: InAction

The president’s stubborn refusal to get off the golf course in recent weeks is becoming a glaring problem for the Democrats.  It’s gotten to the point where they have to find surrogates to excuse his absence.

DHS secretary Jeh  Johnson declaring the president is too busy, Here

Washington Post claiming Obama isn’t in Louisiana because he’s keeping some kind of ethical principle of politics, Here



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  1. There is just nothing going on that is worth his time. Oh, he could give a sound bite but something like “the flood waters in Louisiana are acting stupidly” just sound to inept for even him. Or it could be he is all out of lines. Damn the internet! IF it weren’t for the internet he could use that “acted stupidly line again”!

  2. Barry has put the United States of America on death spiral into a monarchy. Why would Barry, a despot/king need to visit flooded and burned out traumatized subjects – who needs them? Serfs are easily replaced by illegal foreign hoards.

  3. Barrykins is plum tuckered out from his hard work on that transgender bathroom gesture he made on Mooch’s behalf

  4. He’s finally going to show up on Tues-some muckity WH muck said the president really wanted to come and view the devastation earlier but didn’t want his presence to be more of a disruption then minimally necessary.

    I didn’t hear any laughter

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