Mississippi county supervisors vote against relocating Confederate monument

Just The News: In the state of Mississippi, the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted against moving a Confederate monument to a different piece of county property.

The Daily Journal reported that some of the supervisors noted that they had discussed the issue with African Americans.

The 5-0 vote came as monuments and statues around the country have been removed, toppled or vandalized amid a heightened national focus on racial issues in the wake of the May 25 death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

The Mississippi state legislature and Gov. Tate Reeves recently approved legislation to retire the state flag which was the last state flag in the union that still continued to use the Confederate Battle emblem. Per the legislation, the next flag design cannot contain the controversial symbol.

7 Comments on Mississippi county supervisors vote against relocating Confederate monument

  1. I commend this COMMUNITY, for doing what they have to do to preserve history. (Nancy the Hag said leave it up to….community!)

    And, I say that AS a Yankee…iow just imagine if it was the other way around and they were taking down statues of…oh wait they did that already…

    Some just do not understand, I just watched a vid of Stonewall Jackson, a very complicated guy. He started a school for black children. Who in the hell is taught this in 1850(?), yet(?) pull that sculpture down, off with it’s head.

    Lee? Let’s not even go there…he was the commadant of West Point!! THAT was after he graduated first in class.

    Then they took his house and land and then later made it Arlington National Cemetery…

    Look up what the communists did in Spain in the mid thirties. You think that was bad?? Your hair would spin and burn. Go image the pics.

    Rant over.

  2. “the next flag design cannot contain the controversial symbol.”


    in whose little mind?

  3. I wouldn’t have changed the state flag either. The carping black leftists have a never ending list of issues that offend them, they’ll just bring up the next thing on their checklist.

  4. Once you’ve surrendered, you’ve surrendered.
    May as well go down on your knees and … uhh … whatever.

    There’s a story in the Bible (I think) where a King says “Thirty-two Kings have I fed under my table (he cut off their thumbs and fed them table scraps AFTER they had surrendered to him) and I never thought I would be brought so low.”
    (not really a quote, it’s from memory)
    After he had surrendered to the Jews.

    Mississippi has surrendered to the forces of nihilism – now her thumbs will be cut off and she’ll be fed scraps from the dog’s leftovers. A sad day.

    Lafayette County will be forced to surrender. Watch.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Robert E. Lee and Thomas Jonathan Jackson were great Americans as well as great Confederate Generals. Millions of people who have studied the War Between the States have recognized this historical paradox. Now, they are considered to be traitors by politicians buying uneducable Black Colored Peoples’ votes. Most of the Confederates who took up arms against the Union were eventually pardoned by the Republicans who were following President Lincoln’s admonition that the country needed to show no malice towards their former foes. Ulysses S. Grant recognized this when he accepted Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox. Maybe that’s why his statue was toppled by those imbeciles in San Francisco.


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