Mississippi Governor Announces Businesses Can Reopen at Full Capacity, Ends Mask Mandate

Gateway Pundit:

First Florida, then Texas, now Mississippi.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves (R) announced on Tuesday that starting Wednesday all county mask mandates will be lifted and all businesses will be able to operate at full capacity.


Starting tomorrow, we are lifting all of our county mask mandates and businesses will be able to operate at full capacity without any state-imposed rules. Our hospitalizations and case numbers have plummeted, and the vaccine is being rapidly distributed. It is time!3:32 PM · Mar 2, 2021


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  1. Sadly, North Carlina is still locked down thanks to Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper.
    The NC Republican legislation is fighting to keep the state red, but it’s an uphill battle.
    Progressive elites are moving to the state in droves and they support socialist plandemic mandates.

  2. I’m surprised at MS and especially TX for locking down and mask mandates. Abbott did himself no favor by caving to this nonsense.

    The trail of a new covid outbreak (among other diseases) is about to infect his state and he’ll garner no support from either side when reporters fail to mention Biden’s army crossing their border as the cause.

  3. The county where I live in FL has mask mandates in place. They are set to expire on the 14th of next month unless extended. I expect the wimpy assholes will extend them. Florida is not mask free despite what you’ve read.

  4. Ask the local and state politicos why the mask mandates and shutdowns when illegals testing positive in many cases are entering unabated and bused to cities within the country?

  5. Like Mystaclean, I live in Florida and the repeal of statewide mask mandates mean absolutely nothing. Cities and counties still enact and enforce the mask requirement and anyone that watched or read about CPAC 2021 know this. One of the hosts stated he hoped if CPAC were to be held in Florida in 2022, it wold be in a Republican county like Volusia County (Daytona) and not Democrat stronghold where Orlando sits and enforce the masks. It seems the Governors are all posturing politically – their words really mean nothing.

  6. Oldvet, true…

    The Governors spouting off (like mine in MO who lifted way back last June) is meaningless because liberal countries are still mandating Covid porn.

    Until the Govs reign in their marxist counties like MS is doing its kabuki theater.

    Fortunately I live in a red county but my poor old mom is in deeply blue Columbia/Boone coynty, its our version of Austin TX.

  7. No mask (which can be breathed through) will stop a virus.
    EVERYBODY in the “scientific” and Engineering world knows this simple fact.

    Thus, the signification of the mask is other than the virus.
    EVERYBODY in the political world knows this simple fact.

    We’ve all played “pretend” for a year – and look what it’s gotten us: A Stolen Election, a Usurper Crowned by Parties Unknown as Presidunce, the Decimation of the Economy, World-wide confusion and oppression, the enrichment of China, the impoverishment of America, a tacit surrender of our Rights, the engorgement of our “government,” skyrocketing debt, lives and businesses destroyed (many of which will never rise (businesses, that is)), burning and looting of our cities by maladjusted malingerers paid to do so, a thoroughly and obviously corrupt Supreme Court, a thoroughly and obviously corrupt FBI, CIA, NSA, and DOJ, a thoroughly and obviously corrupt electoral system, and the infestation of Traitors to the Constitution in every Federal agency.

    A complete and absolute reversal of the whole concept of self-determination and self-rule. We have rejected the Republic and embraced totalitarianism.
    And it ain’t over, yet.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. If Florida, Texas, and Mississippi don’t have massive outbreaks in the near future it will look bac for those demanding all these mandatory restrictions.

    At least until the next variant of the virus makes its appearance and the whole thing starts over again.

  9. Our governor in Alabama is in her 70s with lung cancer. She is set to tell us on Friday if she is lifting our mask mandate–I have a feeling she will extend it. I am hoping she will follow Mississippi. Meanwhile, in Mississippi, there are some mayors who refuse to lift the mask mandate.

  10. Yeah, that’s what annoys me about the ‘lifting’ of mandates.
    None of them have the balls to say, ‘end ALL mandates’.
    That goes for the idiot mayors or counties or district who still want to push mask use.
    That is not EQUAL rights. Aren’t we all uptight about ‘equal rights’ lately?
    Start equalizing!

  11. Who has a state law or a law in their constitutions that enforce face masks, specifically??? Nobody. This is complete bullshit. Even Desantis is full of shit in this instance.

  12. Never has “all politics are local” held more significance. It applies to states rights as regards federal overreach as well as county rights as applied to state overreach.

    There’s a reason I relocated from Broward, then to Palm Beach and finally to a solid red county. Had I not had access to a TV or internet, I wouldn’t have understood the overreaction to masks/lockdowns (we’ve been virtually unscathed since June). If your county is imposing ridiculous mask mandates, its up to you to push back against your local officials and/or vote them out. If you can’t “fight city hall”, Plan B is an option.

  13. MJA

    Exactly. It’s a health code violation. And LE doesn’t issue citations for arrest people for health code violations. That’s why so many Sheriffs, including our declined to enforce this bull shit. Our Sheriff explicitly told the Karen’s, call the health department.


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