Mississippi’s Legislators Preparing To Remove Stars & Bars From Their Flag

Washington Times

Mississippi is on the verge of changing its state flag to erase a Confederate battle emblem that’s broadly condemned as racist.

The flag’s supporters resisted efforts to change it for decades, but rapid developments in recent weeks have changed dynamics on this issue in the tradition-bound state. More

31 Comments on Mississippi’s Legislators Preparing To Remove Stars & Bars From Their Flag

  1. And then their state flag will closely resemble that of the other surrender monkey people, the French.

  2. If this keeps up sooner or later all flags will be white indicating surrender to the all of the leftist demands. That is if we get to keep the color white. Or white with a yellow streak running down the back. I’ve always thought of myself as a flesh colored person. If I was totally white I’d be an albino.

  3. Another battle won by the Left.

    Win enough battle and you win the war.

    Especially when the enemy doesn’t know how to, or just doesn’t, fight.

  4. I imagine they have already poo pooed the thought of replacing the stars and bars with a noose.

  5. How bout replacing it with Huckleberry Finn and Jim drifting down the Mississippi. That’s a famous childrens story so it would be harmless right?

  6. #MJA:

    The skull and crossbones flag should fly over both DNC headquarters and congress when the democrats are in control!

  7. For their next move they drop their drawers, grease up their assholes, and bend over the table.
    Nothing more satisfying than having your enemies surrender before the firing starts.

    There was this story (may have read it in Plutarch) where the Romans were lined up against some foe. At the “Clash and Shout” (where the Romans strike their shields with their swords, simultaneously shouting at the top of their lungs – just prior to the infantry attack) the enemy broke and fled the field leaving the Romans amazed and not a little amused. This is how the Black Lying Maggots (and their nihilistic Masters) must be feeling.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Mob rule. Why vote? Those are republicans doing this, aren’t they?

    We can forget voting. We need to form a mob.

  9. How the hell did we ever win against the British, we can’t even win against a minority of about 12%??

  10. If the battle flag is removed then blue, white and will resemble:
    1). Sideways France
    2) upside down Luxembourg and Netherlands
    3) jumbled RussiaRussiaRussia. Same colors different sequence.

    Yeah. Probably a white flag is most appropriate.

  11. Georgia came up with a new flag about 20 years ago and it looks more like a confederate flag now than the old one.

  12. I don’t want to live with the race hustlers anymore, black or white. I don’t want to live with the rioters anymore, black or white. I don’t want to live with the illegals. I don’t want to live with any leftists. The truth is our side and their side can’t live peacefully together. Just split the country up, let them have their utopia and let us have our country. Then build a wall around ours with armed guards that shoot anyone who attempts to cross it.

  13. Just nitpicking: that’ s not the Stars and Bars but the St. Andrew’s Cross. Common mistake..

  14. Why not eliminate the BATTLE flag. You know, all those battles you guys LOST, and replace it with the Magnolia tree like it used to be.

    You know, before YOU GOT YOUR ASSES KICKED.

    This isn’t hard. I know the ones who can spell “Mississippi” without moving their mouths already understand this.

    Battle- LOST
    Flag- revert to original.


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