Missouri and Ohio Leave National School Boards Association

PJM: The latest Democratic spin attempt to smear concerned parents who are battling local school boards is unraveling rather quickly.

In my Morning Briefing for Tuesday, I wrote that the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media had shifted from calling parents “domestic terrorists” to assuring everyone that their worries about what their children are being taught in school are nothing more than phony political outrage. I’ve been saying for several weeks that I don’t think the Democrats really thought this one through, and a couple of things happened a few hours after that Briefing was posted that would indicate this to be so. more here

18 Comments on Missouri and Ohio Leave National School Boards Association

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  2. The hard core leftists have absolutely no morals or ethics, so in their view the only reason for anything is political. If someone does something or expresses an opinion they don’t like, the only possible explanation for it is politics.

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  5. good Lord, what’s happening to this thread?

    getting back to it …. I recall a time (a bit before mine, thank you very much) when communities in the USA contracted teachers & fired them at will.

    we might remind these employees of ours that they serve at OUR will, not theirs

  6. if parents cant awaken from their slumber after this….there really is no hope.

    its not mysoginistic to want women to stay home and raise kids. The damn feminists convinced women that a career is more important and for them to leave their offspring with so indoctrinators can raise them.

    If we need this economy destroyed in order to save this generation, and motherhood, then so be it.

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