Missouri Man Who Licked Merchandise at Walmart Charged with ‘Terrorist Threat’ – IOTW Report

Missouri Man Who Licked Merchandise at Walmart Charged with ‘Terrorist Threat’

Pfister was booked into the Warren County jail without bond. He has previous convictions for burglary, theft of a firearm, drug possession and driving while intoxicated.

17 Comments on Missouri Man Who Licked Merchandise at Walmart Charged with ‘Terrorist Threat’

  1. Good! I’ve heard some commenting that some people think this is a little severe for a “prank”. I don’t think so.

  2. 26 year old that was raised by the village. Just lock him up for ten years so the rest of the idiots get a clue.

  3. Obviously a recidivist.
    No hope for reform.

    Hang him and be done with it.
    Along with all other merchandise lickers (he doesn’t have a licker license).

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. with his criminal history why is this piece of human shit out on the street in the first place. he is the definition of a career criminal.

  5. Hanging is too mild for an asshole like that, cut his head off and pit it on a pike in front of the store as a warning to other morons of his ilk

  6. Licking a “window” in Iran is bad, but voluntary.

    This is much worse!

    This wasteful waste of life needs to experience no food what so ever for 4 days.
    Then whatever his sentence is.

    He will never forget.

  7. Not sure how some people don’t know the meaning of no? This guy seems to be wirered wrong. Let him make pebbles out of boulders for 20 years.
    Being charged with a terrorist act is slippery slope. When they make up these charges they can then move the goalposts wherever they want, such as owning too many guns and ammunition.

  8. There is no “threat:” there is an “act.”
    Why are seemingly intelligent people so confused about things that should be intuitively obvious?

    Seems like only yesterday that if you took a shit on the dining-room table you’d be run out of town – or killed.

    My – aren’t we tolerant? We’re so civilized that we don’t understand how to protect ourselves.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. It will be much harder to convict him of terrorism, there are specific elements involved that make it difficult to prove, than it would be to convict him of multiple health, vandalism, and public disorder charges.

    It will end in a plea deal anyway since the charge is serious enough to merit an extensive defense. He’ll be allowed to plead to a lesser charge if he doesn’t try to defend himself.

    That’s how the reality of the legal system works.


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