Missouri: Monster Tornado Kills 3


NOLA.com: JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A tornado caused heavy damage in Missouri’s capital city as severe weather swept across the state overnight, causing at least three deaths and injuring nearly two dozen people as homes and businesses were ripped apart.

The National Weather Service confirmed that the large and destructive tornado moved over Jefferson City shortly before midnight on Wednesday.

“Across the state, Missouri’s first responders once again responded quickly and with strong coordination as much of the state dealt with extremely dangerous conditions that left people injured, trapped in homes, and tragically led to the death of three people,” Gov. Mike Parson said.

Missouri Public Safety said the three were killed in the Golden City area of Barton County, near Missouri’s southwest corner, as the severe weather moved in from Oklahoma, where rescuers struggled to pull people from high water. The tornado hit during a week that has seen several days of tornadoes and torrential rains in parts of the Southern Plains and Midwest.

No deaths were reported in the capital, but Jefferson City Police Lt. David Williams said about 20 people were rescued by emergency personnel. more

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  1. We had a tornado warning issued in my area sunday afternoon. After the warning siren, which is half a block away, stopped wailing after five minutes, my long haired, tattoo covered, pot smoking, welfare sucking new neighbor across the street decided to go knock on everyone’s door to inform them that he had received a warning announcement on his Obama phone. When he knocked on mine I stood looking at him for a couple seconds and informed him I had heard the siren and already knew. His reply was that he was wondering what that siren was. Told him he was stupid and to get the hell out of here and to stay the hell off my property. Moron!

  2. We had strong winds and heavy rain on Sunday. About 5 minutes AFTER the heaviest part of the storm (rain was ‘falling’ sidways) and the sun was shinning, the siren started.

    My sister and I looked at each other and burst into laughter. We decided that was the “all clear” warning!

    My prayers are with those affected by the tornado. God, be a comfort to those who lost loved ones and help those who are rebuilding.

    Edit: Different Tim, I think we had the same storm that you had after us. I live on the Western side of the state from you.

  3. I have family about 100 miles South of Jefferson…. I guess I should check in. and what Claudia stated in her third paragraph.

  4. “Maybe the people living there are living right.”

    Jefferson City?

    “The Lord helps fools and the afflicted.”
    (which explains why He looks after me)

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. If I read correctly, the three dead were from an earlier storm in a different town.
    But still, shoddy reporting.

  6. I live east of Jeff City and my wife, our dogs and I spent some time in our safe space (basement, not snowflake kind of safe-space) last night. It’s unusual for a tornado to go through a hilly area like Jeff City.
    We’ve heard the sirens the last two nights. I need a beer and some sleep.

  7. Went through one as a kid at my grandpas. We had to hustle out to the pasture and round up the cows and get them into barn. Tornado somehow didn’t damage barn but did pull the corrugated sheeting off the steel building 40′ away from it. Sucked up a pitchfork and drove one of the tines right thru a quarter inch steel beam. The local paper even came out and photographed it and my Gramps for the front page. I remember the noise from it passing by. Those warnings are to be taken seriously.

  8. If it was up to Pete Buttinitgoes it would be a twister that hit “City”…

    This was a bad one, it’s a miracle no one was killed in Jeff. The late hour hit saved a lot of lives…


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