Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt Will Not Seek Reelection


Missouri Senator Roy Blunt announced on Monday that he will not be seeking reelection in 2022.
This is big news for MAGA.

13 Comments on Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt Will Not Seek Reelection

  1. ^^^ Truth.

    Keep harassing your state legislators, kids.
    Even if you live in the lib cities. Even dems cheat against other dems, as witnessed in NY, NJ and NH lately. lol

  2. @Jarhead–he’s a Turtlecrat…whatever Cocaine Mitch says to do he slobbers up and kisses Mitch’s butt. I guess he read the writing on the wall with Mitch packing his golden parachute.

  3. Could the reason be that his son’s law firm registered under FARA as representing Qatar? Enriching the family via connections. Another RINO, good riddance.

  4. Blunt could always be counted on … to do what was right for Blunt.

    Infinitely better than Claire McCaskill – but then, so’s a pile of goose shit.

    MO needs to cede St. Louis to Illinois and KC to Kansas. Probably cut the budget by half.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Sadly, not running for office does not mean the game playing is over. Like cockroaches, they continue to operate, just in the cover of darkness. Apparently there is a junior out there.


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